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Illustrating fun

Hello, Illustrated these two drawings today. It's great fun working on fashion illustration I must say. Though I think I could definitely stand to improve a lot more. I was drawing in the park and I had to cut it short because I ended up getting hay fever. Definitely a major pain. I am still sneezing a bit until now. Work is very busy but has been going well. I just need to make sure that I dont get careless or cocky or I'll get my head kicked. My responsibilities, it's a challenge and I get nervous every now and then but I am most certainly up for it. It's Monday again tomorrow and I expect it to be a very long day....

Rainy Weekend

Hello, It was wet, soggy and hailing today so I spent most of my Saturday at home and came up with this illustration! I am pretty happy with it. It's fun getting back into fashion illustration, it was a major hobby of mine years ago. Things have been good lately. My climbing and Muay Thai has been improving and so has my animation. I still make mistakes but a bit of practice and dilligence and hopefully everything will gel together. I also need to start updating my machines asap and start downsizing. I will probably spend the day tomorrow just getting rid of all the files on one of my machines ( I have two) and moving it to the other one which is newer. Not much else has been happening, I have been spending far too much cash lately and have planned a budget and set up goals on where I want to be financially by the end of next year. I still think about the money I loaned to my father but not much can be done about that now. It still stings every now and then. Mind you, with


Well, it's been a long time since I last wrote anything. Tons of stuff has been happening these last few months. I have gotten back into climbing regularly, occassionaly boulder on Fridays and am still going at it at Muay Thai (my bad as I didn't go to any classes this week, needed some time to recover) and work has been going rather well. The drawing on the left was the last illustration I did for fun. Drew that in some time in October.... My animation has definitely improved. Amazing that sketching before animation (and not just keying out poses in the computer) really helps with character animation since I am now really thinking of what the character is doing and thinking instead of just going on auto pilot and moving them and I think I've also gotten a lot faster because of it. Much thanks to Justin who was adamant about the benefits of sketching and careful planning. I'm still reading books on animating when I get the chance. OIL ( a project Thomas and I ar