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Hi So...even after the 1 month goal I am still illustrating :) This was my original submission to 31 in 31 where a female drawing is submitted by a different female artists everyday for 31 days. I decided that this drawing did not represent the theme Poison enough so I made a new one which I will show once it premiers on the other site first.

"Cat Pirate"

My submission for Unit 16 and the 31st and last illustration for the monthly goal I started on April 4. 31 illustrations in a row and am pretty happy about it. Hurray! Today has been a bit rough and it was a bit hard to illustrate and do work, but chin up :) Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.


I am so tired today that I just couldn't muster something fantastic for my 30th drawing in a row. Am not too sure why I am so tired. All done in Flash and is more or less a self portrait of me. Anyhoo...I have to do something for Unit 16 tomorrow and that will be my 31st and last drawing for the monthly goal too. I am relieved and now I will just take my time to draw whenever I feel like it...


Two good friends of mine got married today and I want to wish them all the best. Success, love and an infinite amount of parma and cheese in their lives. I also wish that every new canned surprise they get at the Asian store is delicious and not too addictive. All the best to David and Sarah and wishing them all the happiness in the world.

"The Calm One"

You know when everything has gone to hell and everyone is going mad...there is always that one person who is calm, collected and perhaps wondering how he found himself amidst all these crazy people. All hand drawn and then scanned into photoshop. Three more illustrations to go and it will be goal complete! So close to the finish line!