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You know what the nastiest predators are?  The ones who look cute and friendly!  Dont you want to hug these guys?  Look at their big smiles!  Take a wild guess what they have in they're lil sacks and what they're going to do with them.  I imagine that these guys mugged a few storks in the way..... My entry for Illustration Friday !  Yay! I love what I do.  I love drawing and animating for a living but sometimes....sometimes I wish I was in something steadier and am not always looking to where my next gig will be coming from.  I enjoy and have been very lucky as a freelancer and hope to be able to keep it up.  Thinking of getting into 3D and perhaps games..that would be fun! I have a few more weeks before I leave for Japan.  Very excited!

IF: Layer

Hi there! Soooo this is my entry for Illustration Friday !  I really liked the idea of a cute character just about to gobble layers and layers of food.  If I get a chance I'm going to see if I can do another illustration, the aftermath of this lil guy's feast! I played badminton for the first time in 10 years yesterday and I had a great time.  I have been trying to exercise once a day or at least every other day.  It really does help give me more energy and clear my head.  Am sure we all get those moments of doubts, loneliness, sadness, stress and I find that being active , seeing and meeting people and socializing just keeps my thoughts in perspective.  Exercise also keeps the weight off cause I love my sweets!  I've gotten better though.  I once went to a work gathering with an animation company I worked with in 2007.  We went to dinner at a pizza place and I ordered two desserts.  One for dinner and one for dessert!  I don't do that anymore :P


Hi there Here's my new piece for Illustration Friday !  This illustration was done with Copic pens and ink.  Been a while since I drew and coloured anything traditionally.  My dad used to say that my nose grew longer when I lied (like Pinocchio) and I remembered that lies, when discovered, unravels and leaves you exposed.  So thought it would be nice to draw a Pinocchio-like character with her sweater unravelling.  I haven't been able to do any new drawings for weeks.  Been a bit uninspired and tired from working to just draw for me and I really shouldn't let that happen.  Struggling to maintain balance with life, work and personal projects...but I try.  Despite the hecticness, I've managed to train, go back to Japanese class, try new things (like Bikram yoga) and meet new people as well as keeping in touch with old friends.  I must say that I prefer to be busy than not. One more month before I leave for Japan and I am soooo excited!  I cannot wait.  It'll be