IF: Imperfect

 Hey all! Here I am at Day 35 of drawing straight till December 31.  Still going strong I think and coming up with a lot of different looks, styles, themes...it's a lot of fun.  This was done for Illustration Fridays theme: Imperfect.  Basically was just thinking of the stuff that some attractive people, especially women,  make about themselves like freckles.  I always hear about the freckles but I think they're really cute! Some wear glasses and they feel self-conscious or that they're not as pretty with them on, I wear glasses and personally I think I look good with them on as I do off and I find a lot of people look great with glasses.  Then there's the teeth, crooked, gap, bunny teeth...again I think they all add to the charm of ones features.  Unmanageable or frizzy hair, being a girl of straight and slightly wavy hair I always envied those with curls, especially when I was a young. 

This was done with copic fine liners, a faber castel brush pen and colour pencils.  No photoshop tonight.  I like doing things traditionally too from time to time.  I drew this with the comic people at the NGV.  If you're in Melbourne, come and check them out, they're only there for 8 more days!  I plan to go in again and draw before they have to pack up.  It's fun doing artwork with creative people around.

Gotta do some work tonight as I didn't do much today!