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A cute and simple design today.  Was trying to work today but wasn't really into it. Got some stuff done though!  The Zombie shuffle, which is essentially a parade of zombies going from one area to another in the city, was tons of fun yesterday.  I want to join again next year and put more effort on my costume.  Some of these people were mental! Illustration 121 in a row.

Zombie Lady

 Illustration 120.  Whoops was really in a rush today to put something up since I don't know what my movements will be later and I didn't want to be thinking of putting a drawing up for today later.  The Zombie Shuffle is today and the weather is currently miserable. Ah well :)  Hopefully things are better later. I just put my foot in my mouth recently and said something that I didn't realize was a secret, I don't recall being told that it was something that could not be said anyway.  Feel a bit bad about it and have apologized but not sure what else to do.  Mmm...hopefully things settle down soon.


Illustration 119 in a row.  Yup....just thinking of strawberry pie that my mum made me some time ago.  Sometimes I have a serious face on when am really not thinking about anything serious.  It's been a very busy week.  I am getting a lot done but not enough.  Got two shots approved for a job, went to an interview, saw people, saw my parents, got 2 more A3 fish drawings completed, bought a canvas and easel...and I have a birthday to go to and the zombie shuffle tomorrow!  Phew!!!  I'm not really the sit down and chill out in front of the TV type of girl I guess.  Yesterday at my folks, we put two movies on and I spent it inking and colouring my fish bone sketches.  Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


Illustration 118.  Geez, am tired.  It's been go, go,go all week this week.  Looking forward to some down time.  I need a quick recharge as am starting to slow down work wise.  Looking forward to Sunday for a fun day at the Zombie Shuffle!  Should be awesome! Sketched up two A3 fish drawings last night for inking and colouring some time tonight.  Really inspired to do that.  I would love to sculpt them too! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  I am spending most of tomorrow working unfortunately.  Life of a freelancer!

Giraffe Cheesecake

Howdy! Illustration 117th in a row.  So today was my interview for that 3D course and I think it went rather well.  I asked tons of stuff except for when I find out about the results.  Silly me. Anyhoo, after the interview I went and met a friend of mine and we went to the "Giraffe cafe" and they had the dessert menu on the board and one of the items was "Giraffe Cheesecake".  The thing is, the cheesecake looked nothing like a giraffe nor was there anything remotely giraffe like to it.  So...I thought I'd draw it up! Oh...afterwards I also went to the gym to work off the sweets.  Yup...I need to go to the gym more.  I need to spend Saturday working.  Today was pathetic and tomorrow I have errands to run.  Sigh. Going to do a few more A3 fish bone drawings soon...

Time Leash

 Illustration 116.  Time was just escaping me today.  I woke up a little later than what I would have liked as I was working till 3AM doing some character designs on a project that my friend and I are working.  More details will be revealed later when the project is past development stage.  Then this shot, which is now approved, took longer than I thought it would take and I had to head out into the city to check out something ( more details on this later when it's all official) and hung out with some friends, didn't make it to the gym as I had Daniel coming over my place to render out a higher quality version of the corporate reel.   How I would love to control time. cool would that be?  I would be able to get everything I wanted to get done within the space of an hour!  I mean, trying to find the happy balance between paid work, personal work, fitness and friends and things like personal hygiene,eating and sleeping is so damn difficult.  I can't remember


115th illustration in a row.  Yah!  I bought some organ heart earrings at Armageddon and it inspired me to draw this somewhat creepy character.  There was blood dripping from the hearts originally but it didn't quite work composition-wise.  Am on Halloween mode at the moment, though we don't really celebrate it here in Australia.  That said, there is a Zombie Shuffle happening in Melbourne on Sunday which I am totally going to.  Any excuse to dress up and to look freakish!  Today is the Loopdeloop screening for "Spooky".  Should be a bit of fun socializing with friends and watching some cool short little animations.  I suspect that I will be working for most of the day however.  I am hoping to finish this shot am currently working on and clean-up a few character designs I did roughly yesterday while working with Daniel Luke on my corporate reel last night.  Yup, the animations that can't go into my current animated show reel, that has a majority of my animate

Bunny Bomber

I saw this image on my head today and thought it would be cute to draw! The Pink Bunny is a bit mischievous in this picture.  What is she going to do with that bomb?  Is it a present for someone? I was thinking it would also be great to do a comic using this character but I have no idea for stories as of yet.  Something to think about I would say! Today was pretty dreary in Melbourne so spent  the day indoors animating and finished rendering my first A3 fish bone drawing.  Yup, pieces that will be purely traditional. Will need to colour it up soon, hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning before work!  I also need to do some character designs for a personal project with a friend.  I hope she likes what I come up with!  So many projects in mind.  So little time! 114th illustration in a row!


Howdy!  Just got back from my Armageddon weekend a few hours ago.  I was dressed as Harley Quinn from the 90's Batman animation.  I had a fantastic time!  I went with a 90's Rogue, a Cobra Commander and a Dr. Who character (the one with the Fez).  It was fun!  I love doing dress ups and it was fantastic in an environment like that! More importantly...I bought a BUNNY HAT !!!!  I am so pleased!   I suggest that anyone who likes comics and popular culture head to one of these events at least once.  Paranoia is a funny thing.  I do get paranoid and a bit neurotic from time to time.  Mostly in situations or with people I am uncertain with.  What makes me sad is that sometimes am not being paranoid but it comes across that way.  I suspect that people who know me read it that way because they expect easy to misinterpret it on text messages especially.  I think...with people like that it's best to say as little as possible on text just to avoid the trouble.  It bothers

Tiger Fish

112th illustration straight.  Well, I have to post this one up early as I am going to be busy the next few days.  It's Armageddon time here in Melbourne and I am looking forward to it!  Got my costume and everything! Next week is my interview for the 3D course am going after and am hoping to have time to do some larger scale drawings of the fish series soon too!    I tend to draw too near the edge of the paper which isn't great.  I also need to talk to the printers soon and figure out costs of how much it will be to print out some of my pieces. I am also starting out an animation project with a friend.  We shall see how that goes.

Happy Birthday Sis! Take No Prisoners!

Yup, my sisters birthday is right after my dads.  Anyway, this is for the girl who always went for what she wanted and had a "Take no Prisoners" approach.  She always went for the jugular.  In a way, I did find her attitude quite inspiring when we were growing up. Hope you have an awesome day Statikat! 111th illustration in a row.

Happy Birthday Dad!

My parents have been liking the fish bone series I've been doing so this is a personal one for my Dad, whose birthday is today.  Hope you like it Dad and have an awesome day!  Love you. 110th illustration in a row.


Day 109 of illustrating everyday.  I felt like drawing the Pink Bunny again for Illustration Friday !  I haven't been very consistent lately in submitting to Illustration Friday.  Sometimes I am more inspired by other ideas rather than a specified theme. Well, I got that walk cycle approved for that pilot gig I'm animating for!!!  Hurray!  My new animated loop is also doing well but please click on a star or five if you like it!  I am also coming up with a lot more fish bone illustration ideas.  I am very inspired by that theme at the moment.  It would be awesome to have an exhibition next year and it's great to have finally found a theme after all these drawings.  I seem to have developed a few styles which I really like. Illustration is done in Flash.

Furry Fish Bones

Howdy all!  It is Day 108.  Finished off a drawing I started on Sunday.  The fish is furry this time around.  It was a bit of fun to do.  I love rendering fur.  I may do another version at some point. Today was all about finishing off an animated walk cycle.  Walk cycles are difficult and the one I had to do had a lot of details on her.  I am hoping it gets approved!  Am a little tired at the moment.  Been doing a lot of work as of late.  It's been great but tiring. I am also going to start making prints of my favourite pieces soon for display and to sell. Yup, everything is always for sale! For other news, I have a new animation!  Please have a look and click on the stars if you like it! :

Spoon Fish

Day 107 of drawing everyday!  This is a drawing I did at my friends place yesterday with copic fineliners and copic pens and I just finished it up today in Photoshop.  I have decided that I would love to do an exhibition of these fishbone series....soooo all the ones I do at a larger scale (A3 to A2 sizes) won't be going up on the blog.  At the moment, only the tests are going up though I am going to be selling good quality prints of these as quite a few people have expressed interest.   I am only putting the low resolution versions up on the blog right now.  Today I visited my accountant who is now doing my taxes for me, went to the gym, I created and handed in character designs for approval and that's now gone off to a committee, I saw my parents and after I put this post up I need to work on an illustration gig and finish off a walk cycle for the pilot gig and it is already 5pm.  Busy, busy, busy.  My days have been very lately.  I don't think I will shut down till ab

Blue Jay

Day 106 of illustrating everyday and I thought I'd do another piece similar to the Red Squirrel I did yesterday.  I quite like it and I think it turned out really well. Today was spent mostly at a friends house drawing.  There was a lot of us there and I really enjoyed drawing together as a group.  Working on our own stuff but still managing to converse, have fun and be productive.  It was a really nice day.  That said, I now have to knuckle down and do some character designs that is due tomorrow. I did the concept work earlier today but now it's time to build it in Flash and submit. Piece today was done in Flash and Photoshop.

Red Squirrel

Day 105 of illustrating everyday!  I really like this squirrel.  I am very pleased with how this squirrel turned out.  That said..I took a wee bit too long today and I know it is a Saturday and I should be relaxing but I suck at it.  I finished animating my loop for this month for loopdeloop and I am very pleased with that and it is now off to friend Daniel Waghorn will be working on it.  Hopefully we'll get it submitted on Monday!  I am just glad to have it finished. So I finished my loop this morning, went to the gym and did this drawing.  Shortly, I have to organize my taxes for Monday.  Sigh...I hate doing taxes.  I also need to make some badge designs for tonight and do some character designs for a job that I want to hand in on Monday.  That said, I am spending most of the day drawing with friends tomorrow and I am looking forward to it!   I will most likely do some character designs then too!  That said...always a good idea to do some ahead of a day of fun.  I

Lil Bunny Witch

In the spirit of Halloween here is a bunny dressed up as a witch.  To be honest I am just running out of time to draw today as this is the character am animating for this months' loopdeloop .  Yup, yup.  Been trying to finish that animation today.  I don't think I will get it done till late tonight though as there is an exhibition for Illustrators Australia to check out later tonight. Mmmm...I need a day off the computer, hasn't happened in weeks and I definitely need to go to the gym tomorrow.  This week has been abysmal for it. Day 104 of illustrating everyday straight and this piece was done in Flash.

Orange Fish Bones

Day 103 of illustrating everyday.  Hurrah! Had a massage yesterday from a friend studying the course and we both discovered that I have not been taking very good care of my body.  I have been described as a ball of tension from both my friend and the osteopath I used to go to.  It's definitely due to overworking and perhaps not stretching as much as I should before and after exercise.  Tsk, tsk, me.  I only have one body and I need to take better care of it.  He's given me some stretches to do and hopefully that will speed things up.  Currently a bit sore. A few deadlines to hit next week, along with taxes.  Going to try and work on my Loop animation tomorrow..depending if I can get this walk cycle that I am currently working on, all finished. I am really liking the fish bone series I've come up with and am trying to further develop the designs.  This is all copic fineliners and coloured with copic pens.  I drew this up at my local cafe and finished the colouring at

Lifedrawing at Bigkidz session 02!

Howdy!  Look, drawing straight for 102 days!  Went to Bigkidz (animation studio) today where we all posed and modelled for each other to practice some life drawing and these are my picks for the night.  I still have heaps of troubles with hands and my goodness, I definitely get very rusty at life drawing without doing it regularly.  Clothes are hard to draw very quickly I must say.  Hats are definitely tough too.  Today all of us brought a hat or some sort of head gear to wear while we were modelling.  It was a lot of fun and I had a great time tonight and hoping the next session will come soon! Sketches done in 3 minutes with Copic Fineliners.

Fox Curls

Day 101 of illustrating straight!  Woo hoo!!  Feeling pretty good. Soooo, taxes.  I don't like doing them, I don't like getting taxed and I am freaked out about it as I am a freelancer as we don't really get taxed till later and then it hits us. Hits us like an avalanche.  A really big avalanche and in that avalanche is a snow covered yeti....ready to take your limbs off... all at once.  Okay, so maybe that statement was a bit over dramatic, but you get the gist of it.  I am going to see the accountant next am trying to find the inspiration to sit down and sort out my paper work.  Gah. Other news...if all goes well, I will have gigs till the end of the year which would be awesome!  I am also considering learning how to sculpt and wondering when to fit it in.  Also wondering...when to fit gym in this week.  I got a few due dates and projects am working on simultaneously.  It's nice to have work.  Not so nice is knowing all the earnings will go to tax.  Yu

YAY ME! (100th drawing!)

Day 100 of drawing straight!!!  Whooooo hoooo!  I honestly didn't think I would make it this far and I have been very pleased with the quality that has come about.  Some areas to improve on but seeing that I don't have time to draw for hours everyday, I think I did pretty well! Incidentally, for those who don't know, the goal was to illustrate everyday till December 31, the 6 month mark.  So I have a couple more months to go before achieving the goal.  Still, a hundred drawings is pretty cool, right? For other news, getting excited with all the costume events coming about and there are a few new things on the cards such as: 1) I will be taking a screen printing course in November if the course doesn't fall through due to lack of numbers. 2) Looks like I may have freelance work till end of the year.  We shall see, still waiting on details. 3) My interview for the 3D animation course I want to do next year is on this month! A lot of things in the air and it&#

Fat Ninja

Day 99!!!!  Wheeeeee!  100 illustrations straight tomorrow and am looking forward to it. I spent most of the day working today and it's not over yet!  I am hoping to get some work done on my loop animation tonight. That said, I had a good run today with work.  Finished two jobs early this afternoon which was awesome!  I also met up with Daniel Luke today who is cutting my corporate animation reel and it is looking great! I was inspired by a twitter post by @monstacle , Jessica McLeod, to do this drawing based on one of her twitter posts.  I thought it would be fun to do a cute fat ninja. Illustration was done in Flash.

Anime Chick

Howdy all!  It is now day 98 of drawing straight everyday!  Woo hoo! I just felt like drawing something Anime.  It has been a while since I dabble with this style. Well, things have been going well work-wise this week.  I have a quick job to do tomorrow Sunday for a Monday deadline and I want to finish my current shot for this pilot...and maybe some illustration work.  Am I still looking for stuff?  Always.  Until contracts are signed and totally approved, I don't like stopping the search.  I am not comfortable putting all my eggs in one basket.  To be honest, I still get nervous when I only have two baskets.  I need to take a proper day off where am not talking to clients or planning out jobs.  Maybe in the middle of the week if I get tons of stuff done....I still need to buy my make-up for Armageddon! I am also planning to attend the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle!  I love dress ups! Drawing done with copic fineliners and Photoshop.

Cat Hat

Day 97 of drawing everyday!  Dang!  I have not been sleeping well the last few days.  Been waking up at odd hours like 4 am or not being able to sleep till after 4 am.  It's quite annoying to tell you the truth. Today was suppose to be my day off and the first thing I do in the morning, after not being able to sleep, is do a bit of work, reply to client emails, make the rounds on the web..bleh.  Ridiculous really.  Am not very good at the concept of doing absolutely no work, unless I am truly distracted by something else.  On my own however, well I can't seem to help it, it seems. Other news, I have also joined Newgrounds like a flash game, movie and art site.  I must say, keeping an online presence is hard work but necessary...just a matter of keeping track of everything.  Gah! Drawing done with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop

Blue Fishbones

Day 96 of drawing everyday.  Holy crud..only 4 more days till a 100 illustrations!  Pretty cool! Today is about working and finding all the work that I have done in the past years to build that corporate reel.  Yup, yup.  All the stuff that doesn't go with the series and animated works I've done on my current showreel . I haven't been sleeping well and am not too sure why that is.  Been waking up at like 4 in the morning and then going back to bed.  Very odd.  I wonder if it's the change of weather? Drawing done with copic fineliners, Copic pens and brought into Photoshop.

IF: Hibernate

My entry for Illustrations Friday and my 95th drawing in a row from illustrating everyday.  It would be nice to sleep or take a break until all angst is healed up and can come out of this good as new.  It must be nice to be able to sleep and stop for a while but alas am not in the position for that.  Got to keep working and going!  So much to do and there really isn't enough time in the day to do it, so no time to sleep for months and months. All done in Flash.

Toughen Up!

Day 94 of illustrating everday.  It has been a very interesting last few months, turbulence all around but I can't say that there hasn't been a lot of enjoyable and satisfying times too. That said the last few months got me thinking that perhaps I should change my personality a bit and be harder...and less accommodating.  I don't know what it is, I make time for people cause I can.  I know how to juggle my time, am a freelancer and am good at what I do.  I don't know how people perceive that I guess. This was done with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop.

Picking up the Pieces

Ah well, sometimes things just don't go the way we'd like it to.  Nothing can really be done about that, so just got to keep pushing on and to try to remember that there are some things that can't be helped and to do the best with what we can control.  That's what I think more or less anyway, when the dust settles down. Now am getting ready to gun it for work this week and gym.  I have been on a more relax mode way of working lately and have decided that it is time to just blast off and really concentrate and get the job done the best I can.  I guess you might say am psyching myself up. This is Day 93 of illustrating everyday.  I only have 7 more to go before I reach a 100 days.  In a way, I found that this drawing everyday has become a real habit and was not as hard or impossible as I thought.  It has helped me a lot.  This year has been turbulent especially the last few months and the drawings have become my outlet and it is ultimately something I do for myself e


Howdy.  Soooo...the Rabbit doesn't always win the fight in my drawings, everyone loses at some point.  I spent most of the day updating my Red Bubble page and putting up all the best drawings I've done in the last few months.  Check it out!  Gosh, trying to update everything and have a presence on the web is hard work. I still have a few profiles to update.  It is insane!  Good to spend a day on it though I must admit.  Also started watching Naruto again which is nice.  Am relaxing this weekend, more or less, and then next week am going to pound through work.  Need to spend a bit of hours on it and look for more jobs about a week.  I have a real tough shot that requires some major concentration. Drawing done with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop.  Day 92 of illustrating everyday!


Day 91 of illustrating everyday. I need to concentrate on work and getting more jobs and my personal projects.  I also need to do my taxes soon...yay....that thought is making me even more depressed and am considering of backing out of an event just to make sure I stay financially safe.  Rent is also going to increase...bleh.  I wish....that things were a little easier sometimes. Hand drawn and coloured in Photoshop.