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Oh wow!  I went to ozcomic con today and am exhuasted! I think am going to sleep in tomorrow before doing massive amounts of work!  A quick scribble of what i would like to be doing now.

It was awesome fun today!  I do love dress ups and I saw Stan Lee live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How cool is that!!!!  He was so funny and awesome!

3D head (WIP) part 02

Howdy, second day of me modelling this head.  Looks a lot better than what I had yesterday, thankfully.  I need to touch it up and start texturing before school next term.  Mudbox is a lot of fun, I can see why a lot of other artists like it.  I still need to model in some textures/ridges before actually texturing.  See how that I've never done it before.  The next two weeks are going to be insane!  More so than usual...and am suppose to be on break!  No break for this bunny... with needing to prepare for exhibitions, freelance work and homework..a bit of socializing and training, there really isn't much time in the day left.

Modelling a head in Mudbox (WIP)

Howdy!  So I spent tpday in school modelling a head in Mudbox, a program I've never really used not doing too badly.  It's quite finicky and I swear I made the eyes too big.  Sigh....I always tend to make the eyes too big.  Anway, it's a lot of fun but time consuming....this baby has to get texture too and mayeb some facial animations later which would be cool!

Manly Man Happy Dance

Something I doodled very quickly at the gym for my friends blog: MANLY SHOW  You guys should totally check it out!  I've had some program issues today ...hopefully I can get that sorted out tomorrow.

Tired.  I had an awesome session at the gym today though, feels like am back in form.  I was also wearing a new pair of contact lenses today, coloured blue!  I like it, totally changes the look and I may purchase ore colours....

In other news, incase I forget to mention it, I won a new set of watercolours from Canson in one of the competitions!  I am very happy.  You all should check their facebook page out and like them!  Find out art events, competiitions and give aways!

Macguffins character

I worked on a game called Macguffins ages ago.  Here's one of the characters I set up and animated.  It's been a long day today and I didn't get any time to draw.

Blackberry fish inked

Blackberry fish inked up.  I still need to paint it and get it ready for submission to an exhibition next week.  I am entering 5 berry fishies there.  Looking forward to it!  I've never exhibited in a gallery before and before the end of this month I will be exhibiting in two!  Both are group exhibitions...sooner or late I will attempt a solo one.

I had a rather lacklustre performance at the gym today....and that is putting it lightly.  That was a complete debacle. I am back to metabolic training and it would seem that I have gotten complacent over the last few weeks and it showed.  I should be grateful that the minute I have ever gotten complacent in anything in my life...I get my behind handed to me on a plate because I always get back up and do better because of it.

For other news, looks like I've managed to catch up on freelance work and stay on target with my homework too.  Hurrah!

3D character Blood Maus done.

Hello, so I am done with posing and lighting up the scene for my character.  Need to do controllers in another file but am pretty much on point in submitting everything by Friday next week.  Oh my goodness....Maya is certainly temperamental and painful to deal with at times.

We had to do wire frame render of out model too and for some inexplicable reason the hat is refusing to render and I have tried everything.  My best option is to take what I have and hopefully it can be sorted at school.

Tired.  Spent the weekend freelancing and most of tonight doing homework.  Am looking forward to a few days where I can just have a breather and work on my own stuff.

Still animation shot.

A still shot of one of the jobs am working on.  Pretty good gig, can;t say much until it's released though!  Busy day catching up on freelancing.  Still more to do along with some schoolwork.  I know I keep saying this but the next few days will be really busy.  But what else is new, right?

3D assessment number 04 SUBMITTED

Soooooo.....I submitted my arm!  Woooo!!!  No idea how well I've done...I'm just glad to have submitted.  I am not a confident modeller in all honesty, I feel like I need a huge amount of time to get anything looking good.  Anyway....more practice to be done but not tonight.  I think tonight I'm just gonna crash and burn.

blackberry fish sketch (WIP)

Howdy. I did this sketch before going to the gym today.  This is part of a series I want to exhibit in a gallery. 

Was at school all day doing the 3D assessment/exam and I think am in a pretty good place.  No relaxing though until it's handed in!  I'll post up photos of my finished wares tomorrow.  I wish I modelled the armour of my arm more detailed and flamboyant but I wasn't confident I'd get it done if I didn't stick to a simpler design.  I can always go nuts next time....when the turnaround isnt too quick.


So...for the assessment at school we're modelling an arm from scratch with armour based on a photo and our armour design and this baby needs to be textured, moving, rendered by Friday.  A lot to do.  I am still tweaking the model...the verts aren't as smooth as I would like it to be.  Got to get this thing unwrapped and textured tomorrow and hopefully rigged......augh!!!!  So much stuff to do!!!!

Zeppelin Fish

One of my older fishes.  He's actually in my steampunk fish bone zine but he;s the only one I coloured thus far.  No time to draw today, too busy figuring stuff out in Maya.  oh man...I hope this gets easier.  Every learning hurdle I come across is like pulling teeth out with a pair of pliers and then being smacked across the face with the tooth and the pliers.  It's been a long day.

WIP posed 3D Character Model

Howdy!  Well here is Blood Maus all posed up.  Took some screenshots of my Maya work in progress.  I have no idea how to turn the bones invisible in Maya yet so you can see a bit of it.  One of the hat puff piece also refused to un-highlight.  Anyhoo, I finally finished the skinning process today and posed Blood Maus and even managed to create his "pedestal" so to speak.  I don't have any lighting or cameras set up yet and I haven't looked into putting controllers on him.  Not necessary to pose up a character but something I need to know for animation and in case it's on the test coming up at school in a few days.  Must study tomorrow after doing some errands earlier in the day. Mmm....much to do...much to do indeed.

Character Concepts

Concept art of a gig am working on.  Busy day of freelance today and some Maya practice and I finished a painting too.  Am hoping to finish some rigging before bed tonight.... the days are so jam packed.  The year feels like it's going incredibly quickly and slowly at the same time.  Insane really.  Tomorrow is all about Maya.  The rigging gets done tomorrow!  Along with some practice.....

Gooseberry Fish (WIP)

Howdy.  I drew this fish up while waiting for a friend yesterday.  Still needs to get painted and prettied up. 

I am exhausted.  Spent most of the day freelancing and I actually got up late today...about 10:00AM and I still feel tired.  I think I need to have an early night tonight.  Feeling a bit drained.  I need to work on a lot of 3D stuff before Wednesday this coming week...luckily I am almost done with this gig am working on.  The next few days will be dedicated to nothing but 3D I would say.

WIP skinning and rigging my character

Hello, hello.  Here are some screen captures on what my screen actually looks like while trying to make my character move.  I've managed to get the body, one of the arms moving and the leg is pretty much done.  Unfortunately the mirror  something or other to duplicate the skinning/weights in Maya 2012 doesn't seem to be working.  So that means I still need to do the right arm and leg.  Sigh.  It's going to be a long few days.....

Old work

This is a drawing I did aaaaaaaages ago and I forgot all about it.  Feel free to put down anything you like in her speech bubble.  I had a tough day today with the rigging and skinning of my 3D character.  Hard stuff.   I feel a lot better after an awesome workout at the gym though.  Having a good personal trainer is pretty fricking awesome.

Raspberry Fish (WIP)

Work in progress Raspberry Fish.  Can you tell I don't have a lot of time on my hands lately?  Anyhoo, I really like how this is coming along but now that I've seen what it looks like next to the strawberry fish...I think it looks too similar and it's because of the colouring I think.  Green and red which is unavoidable as that's what the colour of the berries are.  I may need to add more orange and yellow to my raspberry fish just to get a few different tones and shades.  Perhaps some brown too.

School tomorrow....rigging and skinning the character.  I expect tomorrow to be a tough day.

On another note...preparing for exhibitions are expensive!  I just spent heaps of cash on frames and getting new prints done.  Sheesh!  I am also going to be selling the original watercolours of the berry fishies when I enter them into the small works exhibition in a gallery in if anything catches your fancy, order now in case they get snapped up!

Blueberry Fish in frame

A fish painting I did today.  Spent some time hunting down a frame too and this one is pretty close but I need to trim a bit of the mounting board to make the fish fit in.  Am pretty pleased with the way this one turned out too!  Now which berry fish to do next...?  I really enjoy painting. Would be nice to have more time to do it.  I just needed to do something for me these last few days as it's been about 2 months since I painted anything decent!

Strawberry Fish

Oh my gosh!  It has been so long since I painted with watercolours and I really missed it!  I decided to take a break in the afternoon (after freelancing in the morning) to just paint and design a new fish today.  It's been ages!!!  I want to do a series of "berry fish" and submit them to an art exhibition in a couple of weeks so this is probably the only one of the series you'll see online.  The requirement for this exhibition is any medium but must not be bigger than 30x30x30 cm including the frame.  Hopefully I can make time to create more of these guys.  Would be cool.  I managed to do the line work of my Blueberry fish today and am hoping to find the time to paint it tomorrow.  Would be good.

Melb Lady

Howdy!  I met a very lovely lady a few days ago and I thought she looked really cute in her i thought I'd draw her up!

Today was a very busy day with freelance.  I ate too much though.  Totally binged today.  Not too sure what got into me.  Must be the cold....

Icons rough

Some icons I was developing for a job.  Can't say much about it though until it's out though.  These are some real roughs I whipped up in Flash.  Again, no time to draw, been a real busy day.