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Displaying at the 1000 pound bend

Howdy!  A very very busy day today.  Here is some of my work hanging at the 1000 pound bend.  Looks pretty good!  It's a pub/cafe in Melbourne that I tend to hang out in.  Their Saganaki burgers are amazing and I do like their hot chocolate with whiskey...or was it rum...either way, it's pretty darn good!

I've been displaying in a few places the way things are going, am going to need to make a whole new set of fish paintings for an actual solo exhibition at some point.  More things to do...more things to do...

Steampunk TV

Howdy, here's something I did for a job a few weeks ago.  It got revised so am just showing the original.  A lot was done today and am feeling rather need to call it a night soon after food.  Life is good but very busy right now.

Concept Art on a gig

Pretty rough design of something I am currently working on.  So much stuff to do!!!!  GAH!!!!!!!!

3D Model Head (without hair) done

Howdy!  Well, I got this all done on Friday which was cool!  I have one more thing to do and then am ready to submit this project.  These are the beauty shots and the wireframes.  It was all about modelling the head and being able to morph the features to have different expressions.  I shall post those up next time.  I want to be able to do the hair though.  It's on my to-do list once I actually have the time.  I really enjoyed this assessment though I made the eyes far too big that it looks anime like.  Oh well.

Concept Art (rough)

Howdy!  What a busy day at school today!  My goodness, I was just racing to try and get everything done asap!  My stuff looks good too so am pleased.  Could be a whole lot better but I figured I can refine everything I've done later after I get some breathing room.

This is a rough concept art for a corporate job am working on ALL weekend. some things to pound out that's for hoping to have a huge chunk finish.  Hopefully rough out my next "Exhibitchin" piece too.  Will see.

3D apple speed modelling exercise

Check this out!  Quickest thing I've modelled and textured then lit so far.  School today made us do a speed modelling exercise.  I made this in 1 and a 1/2 hours.  Am pretty pleased.  I was rushing it majorly though.  I am not used to modelling quickly....

Made expressions for my 3D head too but am not done yet....hopefully tomorrow at school....

Icky Face

Howdy, I actually did this illustration for a job but it's been revised.  Hehehehe, don;t have a lot of time on my hands to work on my own stuff am afraid....that I can show anyway!  A big day tomorrow with a lot of things to do at school and events tomorrow night.  Life is pretty good though insanely hectic.  I hope it stays that way...that said I wouldn't mind a breather once school is done.  A Christmas break would be nice.  Very nice indeed.

Rabbit and Fox

An illustration I did for a job today which I rather liked.  It's not in context to what the job was so I can post it!  Wheee!  The next few months look jam packed with work, school, studio commitments and painting.  It's progressively becoming more and more insane.

Thanks to everyone that has been commenting on my blog these past few months!  I promise to get back to you soon, I've just been a bit smashed time-wise!


Hello all!  Well, here's our flyer for "Exhibitchin"  If you're in the area please drop by and check out our work and chat to us!

Exhibitchin piece 01 finished.....

Howdy!  Here is a shot of a SECTION of my first finished Exhibitichin piece.  In case folks happen to be new to my page, I belong with a group of artists that run an open comic book studio called Squishface Studios and we're having out first exhibition on August 25, Saturday, 2 pm onwards. We're sponsored by Canson and they were awesome by supplying us with Arches Papers, Bristol boards, mount boards and schminke paints!

Looking forward to starting my second piece...

Been a very busy weekend and it's still not over for me yet.

Mallow Fox

Howdy.  One of my badge designs for an illustration job i did a few months ago.  I made dessert animals and it was a lot of fun.  Busy day today with doing art work for Exhibitchin and working on a corporate not done with work yet either.  The really hard slog is about to start soon.

Cold Manly Man

Even manly men get cold.  Something I did for the Manly Man show run by awesome animators and designers; Christien Clegg and Tim Merks.  Go check their stuff for some fancy pants art!

3D Model in progress, almost there...

Hello!  Been working on the texturing of my 3D model head in Mudbox.  This is a model done to bake the textures to transfer to a lower poly model later on.  Quite a few details in the close up, including moles, wrinkles and hair for the brows.  It does take a while.  Every time I think am done, there's just more to do!  I am enjoying it though!!!

3D head textured (WIP)

Howdy!  Here's what I've been working on at school today!  Texturing my head model, it's coming along.  Still need to add bump maps, more textures on the actual model itself and generally more colouring and detailing all around.  Been working purely in mudbox today.  Should be good to bring this into Photoshop as well and add in a few more details.

A very busy week this's actually going to be really really busy till the end of this year.  Let the games continue!

Steampunk fish from zine 02

Howdy, been a bit flat out today I must say.  3D school starts up tomorrow and it's going to be oddgetting back into the swing of that after two solid weeks of freelancing.  No time to draw anything that I can put up on the blog today without permissions so here's another one of my steam punk fish from my mini zine.

Glass fish

Howdy...I've been drawing all day but I unfortunately can't post any of them.  Ah well.  This is one of my designs for a Steampunk Zine I made.  It's very tiny.  Am thinking I may re-draw this and make it more elaborate on A3.  When I have time....

Fish Bone Comic Page 02 (WIP)

So on top of everything am working also working on a fish bone comic.  Yup, you're looking at the progress for the second page.  Nowhere near done yet...though am hoping beyond all hope that I can get this and my "Exhibitichin" piece (the first one) done some time this week.  Chances are slim.  I start 3D school again and am still catching up and keeping up with freelance work.  Did I mention that working and going to school and having commitments outside of that as being tough?'s tough.

WIP for "Exhibitichin"

So....we at Squishface Studios will be holding an exhibition some time in late August and I spent most of today working on a piece.  Not finished yet as it's A2 in size and I have a looooooot to do.  It's a violent little piece.  Afterwards, am going to make a new fish bone piece also for the exhibition.  Am a bit overloaded with commitments I must admit.  See how the next week fares....

Brunswick Street Gallery : Small Works Exhibition

Howdy!  Here are my pieces and myself at the Brunswick Street Gallery opening night for the Small Works exhibition.  Was pretty good but my goodness, was it packed!  I couldn't look at all the artworks because there was just so much people.  It was awesome though!  My parents and the Squishface people came and my pieces do look pretty.  Very happy about it.  Looking forward to having a solo exhibition though!

Concept Art bat and hat

Howdy...some concept art I did for another gig ages ago.  A lot is happening.  Got an exhibition happening tomorrow night and am looking forward to doing more painting as well.  I managed to finish the first page of that watercolour comic and also put it in a frame and it looks gorgeous!

WIP Fish Bone Comic (page01)

Wow...that's insane.  I almost forgot to put up a post.  Booooo!  I am really tired at the moment.  Anyway, these are a couple of bad photographs of my watercolour fish bone comic.  Am still adding in ink and little touches here and there.  It's an odd thing seeing the fish bones with a background. 

Anyhoo, am still trying to get more work done before school starts next week and start doing my pieces for an upcoming exhibition.  More on that later.

Another going to be making a separate blog or website just dedicated to the fish bone series so people can have a look at the collection and order what they like!

Spooky Bunny

We found an abandoned house near the place we were staying in Gippsland.  This is me being a bit of a ghost.  Sorry, didn't have time to draw again least nothing I could show anyway.

Working bunny

Howdy!  Not much time to draw again but here's evidence of me working at the Cowarr Art Space.  See me on my laptop doing corporate animation work and another of me painting my fish bone watercolour comic!  I still need to finish that page.....

Some photos from Cowarr Art Space

I had a great weekened at the Cowarr art space!  These are some of the shots taken by my folks when they came up to visit.  It was wonderful, great to work with the Squishface people in a new environment, Carolyn and Clive were most hospitable and Carolyn cooked us an awesome venison dinner.  Clive showed up around his awesome workshop where he sculpts with marble.  It was brilliant and I hope to visit them again soon!