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Entry: 8th annual contemporary art prize entry

Hello!  I entered a piece to this exhibition which is on tomorrow!  It's going to be very, very packed I think as there's about 60 artists displaying.  I think it should be a good night though!  I will be displaying the mecha catfish I finished a week or two ago.  I hope it is received well.  It will be displaying at the Brunswick Arts Space . I also went to the aquarium today and bought an air pump and an air stone to keep the water aerated and also bought some premium fish food that has garlic to help with the fishies digestion and if they have any parasites in them.  The medications available may be too strong for my guppies and it may actually kill them.  My keeping is an expensive hobby and the funny thing here is that the buying of the fish is the least of my expenses.  I don't regret it though and am hoping to be quite knowledgeable in this and less stressed before the year is out.  I really enjoy aquascaping too. 

Fat Guppy

So I have a guppy in my tank that essentially tries to eat everything in sight, a whole lot more than the rest of them.  Am a bit stressed out over the aquarium today...the guppies (2 of them) were pooping white and it's suppose to be brown because of their food.  Am not sure if I am underfeeding or overfeeding them and it's caused that.  I read that it could possibly be internal parasites...a whole myriad of things.  Either way, been feeling rather panicky about the whole thing.  I also did a major water change today because I discovered that the PH levels were off and they were still off an hour after the water change.  Anyway, I don't know what else to do.  I fed them a pea tonight and am hoping that by not feeding them tomorrow that it clears out their systems.  Feeling a tad disheartened and my head hurts from reading so many various articles on the web.

Hand Studies 06 (practicing)

Me doing the peace sign (drawn before gym) me holding my watch that everyone finds so hideous (before gym) Drawing Ben's hand on the table...took me a minute of rough sketch then had to fill it out (studio) Me pointing (at the studio) Drawing Ive's hand while he was drawing(studio) Drawing Ive's hand resting on an angled table (studio) Me holding my business card (studio) Howdy!  I did more hand practice today.  Was good sketching before gym and a little bit at the studio before starting my zine.  Yup, I am starting a zine from scratch for the zine fair.  I made some pretty good headway today but will see how we go.  I need to see if I can finish it up very early next week if at all possible.  I am getting faster sketching.  Ive and Ben were moving while I sketched their hands.  Trying to keep the shapes simple.  I want to practice on real hands first though before cartoonifying it. Busy day tomorrow, but what else is new?  Feeling a lot mo

Aquarium Accessories

Howdy!  Well, I have aquascaping on the brain.  It must be a strange thing to other people who don't have the same hobby to see me getting excited over a plant that I plan to put in my aquarium or the perfect driftwood or rock.  I've been having a lot of fun with it though.  Am thinking that perhaps an air stone with an air pump would be a nice addition.  Something that blows bubbles all the time and apparently it's good for the fish (for oxygen).  Still, I can't imagine that there isn't enough oxygen in the tank given the amount of plants in there...still, you never know. Much to do this week!

Aquascaping: first attempt

Front view Detail on front view (branches being weighed down by rock) Front view close-up 3 Quarter View Profile view Profile view close up Behold my first attempt at Aquascaping (essentially decorating the aquarium)!  I went to Subscape today with Rob to get more plants, I bought another Anubias, some Java moss, driftwood and branches.  Frankly, I think I may have spent just about the same amount on the decor as I have on setting up the aquarium.  Turns out, this fish keeping business could be an expensive hobby if you're really trying to make things look nice but I think it's worth it.  Makes me happy and as it is, I want to try out another aquarium already.  The funny thing about this hobby, and I've only been at it for a week, is that the fish are the least of my expenses.  Perhaps it is a good thing I've gone for a Guppy Species Aquarium.  I may attempt a community tank next or just focus on Aquascaping and put an array of smal

Squishface First Birthday!

The crowd at our birthday party! My parents (thank you for bringing the cake and the coconut macaroons!) Squishface Crowd Ive posing for the camera! David, the manliest man behind the BBQ The crowd outside The cake my parents brought for our birthday!  YUM! The lighting of the candle The cutting of the cake! The party is still going after 8:00pm.. Ive Dave and Rob pose for the camera Hello, hello!  Yesterday was Squishface first year anniversary!  It was a lot of fun.  Full of food, alcohol, merriment, cake and a barbecue!  It was Australia Day after all too and we can't be celebrating without a traditional barbecue. It has been a very big year with Squishface .  We've had exhibitions, had tables at different comic and zine events,most of us went to comics camp and met many other creatives in the same or similar fields.  Drawing nights are still held on the first Wednesday of every month.  We also had Ladies Night ( m

LoopdeLoop: Hollywood

A still of my loop Hello, hello!  Well, it has been a very,very long time since I submitted anything to loopdeloop .  You all should have a look at the site and if you're an animator, you should submit something!  Anyhoo, this is my submission for this month's theme: Hollywood.  Music by Daniel Waghorn. I had a bit of a freak out today when I got home.  Looks like the water in the tank absorbed the heat in the apartment and overheated a bit.  The guppies were stressed out!  Had to put ice in a ziplock bag to cool them down and open all the windows in the house Tomorrow is Squishface first year anniversary!  If you're in Melbourne, come on down!

IF: Myth

My submission to Illustration' Friday's Myth.  I am new to this whole fish-keeping business and been told that fish only have memory that are in the seconds (3 -10?) and I don't think this is the case.  The fish I own definitely remember which corner I feed them from.  People also say that fish don;t have personalities.  Well and truly untrue....they just can't voice it like birds, fish and dogs or have any facial expression.  Hard without eyelids but you can tell a fish's personality by watching how they move.  Who is shy, a bully and gets a long with everyone.  Perhaps this is only in the case of guppies but I doubt it.  Then again...maybe I've just been watching my fish for too long... I am worried I might be overfeeding them but at the same time I don't want them to starve...though I have researched and saw that it is better to underfeed rather than overfeed.  Perhaps I will get the swing of things once I have more of a routine. I love watching t

Souvenir from Canada

This is a drawing of a souvenir I got from Canada when I travelled there in 2009.  I can't for the life of me remember what it represented or where in Canada I got it from.  Anyone know?  No pencils, all done with fineliners and then coloured in Photoshop. I've been working most of the day and reading up on guppies.  My aquarium thermometer died this morning so went back to the pet shop to grab that and I also got more different types of food for my guppies (bloodworm and frozen shrimp brine).  I also got two more guppies while the tank is cycling!  I am having some difficulty not overfeeding the fish.  I am still unsure when enough is enough.  They always seem ravenous.  Going to try to limit to two feedings a day.  The original two I have are definitely plumper than the two that I introduced in the tank today.  Don;t know if this is a good thing though.

working on my loop

Howdy...just currently working on my submission for loopdeloop.  Got quite a few other things to do this week so not a lot of time to dedicate on my loops so going to keep it really simple.....

Hand Studies 05 (practicing)

Me holding a salt shaker Left hand holding a piece of toast Spoonful of butter! Howdy!  More hand sketches.  Been trying to just get the basic construction instead of looking at my hand constantly and then filling out the details.  I am also trying to pay more attention to my angles and curves.  The nails are giving me a hard time as well as some hand poses (the holding toast one was difficult).  Trying to also simplify the hands while making sure that the gesture and hand formation is still clear.  I guess am trying to slowly make my way to hands that are more stylized and cartoonified.   I had one hour tute last week, with my friend Ben Grimshaw ....on hand construction.  I have heaps of books but sometimes, it's just easier to watch someone draw something for me to absorb the information. Been monitoring the behaviours of my fish....did my first water change too....

Live inspiration at home

Hello, hello!  I am now a proud owner of a guppy aquarium.  My first pets where I alone am solely responsible for their well being.  The photos are not great, trying to take photos of moving fishies is a bit difficult.  Thanks to Justin for the fish mentoring, helping me get and set-up all the essentials and to Rob for helping out with the set-up and coming with me to buy fish!  I now have live inspiration for my work and a whole lot of books to better understand different fish.  Truly inspirational for the fishbone series I've been working on.  To have a better understanding on how fish actually tick and just the different looks and shapes that are out there. I was staring at them for almost an hour.  Live fish are mesmerizing to watch and relaxing too.  I want to add in more stones and shells.  Introduce more fish in and have a gorgeous aqua scape happening.  However, I read that setting up a tank is not a sprint but a marathon and it will take quite some time for it

Lucky Cat of Love

Howdy!  An attempt of still life using nothing but staedtler pens (no pencils) and a lot of Photoshop help.  This is one of the figurines/trinkets I have at home and thought to draw it today while watching movies.  I like lucky cats.  I like what they represent and I enjoy having them around my place and areas where I do work.  I like the idea of lucky charms I guess.  I may design my own with rabbits and fish.  That is an idea.   An odd combination but fish and rabbits have been a major part of my artwork lately.  I think about them a lot. A very chilled out day.  I need days like these to re-charge and power through during the week.  I have a lot to do as always, but I have been managing to juggle my time between work and fun.  A nice change from being on work mode all the time.

IF: Ocean

Hello, my submission for Illustration Friday .  I wanted to do something rather simple today.  I have been going flat out illustrating so my creative juices are feeling a tad flat. It was a very hot day today and I spent most of it hiding at home and doing freelance work after the gym.  It was not bad inside my place....I kept all the blinds and windows shut to hopefully keep most of the heat out.  It seems to have worked.  Had to abort the soup diet.  Bananas, skim milk and soup on a hot day was not a good combination.

Mecha Catfish done!

No colour Me adding in watercolours Close up of head Ta da!  Tada!  Finished today!  I will be selling the ORIGINAL as it is too big for me to scan without damaging.  It's longer than A3.  I will be displaying at the Brunswick Arts Space for their contemporary art prize entry   See how I go!  Realized that the photos I took weren't good if it doesn't sell I may be able to get a better photo of it.....

Soup Diet

Howdy all!  Well remember that I mentioned that I was on a soup diet for the week?  Check out the details on this link .  Essentially just testing out if this works and to detoxify me of all my indulgences from the Christmas holidays.  It's a little tough since I like having a variety of foods a day and am not used to being this strict.  The soup tastes nice, like minestrone.  It just gets boring after a potful of servings, that's all.  Still only 5 more days to go!  Interested to see what the results are later this week. Been rearranging things in my house and it's amazing how the energy changes just moving furniture and decorations around.  Feels good.  Though, I do have quite a bit of work to do so just juggling my time in-between things.

Hand Studies 04 (practicing)

Rob's hand Rob's hand Rob's hand Rob's hand Rob's hand Rob holding a glass Rob holding his hand and first time I've practiced drawing hands holding each other Drawing hands is tough.  Especially in relation to something else...holding things and two hands holding each other is currently pretty tough for me.  Foreshortening is also a bit hard.  Still practice makes perfect and am pretty determined to become good at this!  Rob has been kind enough to pose for me when I had a chance to draw hands ..something different to me drawing my left hand all the time and so I can practice male hands as well. trying out a new diet this week too and it's only suppose to go for 7 days. only eating soup and fruit..things should be interesting by the end of this week.