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Exhibitchin 02 piece: Work in progress part 02

Howdy!  Another work in progress shot of my piece for Exhibitchin 02.  This is only a section of it as well.  The piece is heavily influenced by Camilla D' Errico's work on her series of "Helmet Girls".  However, I added my own twist and other influences into the piece.  I have always been fascinated by half man-half machine illustrations since watching Ghost in a Shell, Akira and various other Cyber Punk Anime when I was a kid.  I even created a Robot dude for one of my projects in high school.  I am happy to report that my skills have improved somewhat since then.  A long and busy day today.  I had a scene where it had 3 characters walking in and interacting, which wasn't hard since the walk cycles where already provided but then I spent most of the day just doing walk cycle for quite a few background characters in shot.  Ayuh, took forever and it's only a two second scene too.  Happy to report that I got the shot finished but am working on a really big

Cabaret sketch

  Howdy all!  This is a piece inspired by yesterday's events.  There was a comic book launch at Red Bennies called the Naked Launch and I thought I'd draw up a simplified version of one of the ladies performing on stage.   Been working on my Exhibitchin piece today and have decided that I will finish the fishbone comic that Ben Hutcho and I teamed up on over a year ago.  He drew up a storyboard idea of the story and I am making the real thing and adding my own spin on it. Let's see what happens.  Work is about to get really busy now so who knows how brain dead I may be on some days....most weekends are booked now with events too.  It is going to be a rather insane month.

Exhibitchin 02 Piece: WORK IN PROGRESS

Howdy! This is a WIP shot of a piece I am doing for Exhibitichin 02 !  Only a month away and who knows what might come up in the upcoming weeks so am trying to get a start on it now while I still can.  I actually changed the drawing while uploading this pic.  I thought that the legs were too short and a bit too muscular so I have changed it. More pics to come as I progress!

IF: Train

The theme for this week's Illustration Friday was "train".  I've been in the mood to draw hands lately so here's another one of me practicing! Several events and news coming up.  Am giving a talk about arty stuff at Squishface Studios on May 30 and on May 31 is Exhibitchin 02 !  It is hosted by Squishface but we will be displaying at a nearby gallery instead!  Hope folks can make it!

Hand Studies 12: practicing

Whoops!  No post yesterday as I stayed over a friend's place last night.  I shall make it up this weekend.  I drew these hands while we were listening to a directors commentary leica at the studio today.  My hands and other animators that were holding their poses long enough for me to draw them. I have not been going out much to enjoy the sun since I started working.  I think I need to take some breaks and enjoy the sunshine and have my coffee outside the studio to get some air as I have not been doing much of that lately....

Hand Studies 11: practicing

Hallo!  A busy day animating today.  We're doing our actual footage now so the pressure is on!  These sketches were something I did while listening to a presentation.  I concentrate better when am drawing while listening.

Commissioned work: Octopus kid illustration

Howdy!  I got commissioned by a friend to make this drawing for her after she saw something similar I did for a job.  A tiring day of animating today and getting used to style...need some sleep now as am training first thing!

Illustration Job: App work in progress shot

Howdy!  I spent some time this weekend completing an illustration job due on Monday, a freelance gig I had.  The pic above is a progress shot I had.  I like hand drawing pictures, scanning them into the computer and digitally colouring. It just offers me more flexibility as I can draw anywhere when I have a bit of free time in-between my lunch break! Training is still going at the studio but we actually get to animate our own scenes starting tomorrow...pretty exciting!

Studio Moshi: first week

Work place!  My seat is where the water bottle is The FX department.  Ben Grimshaw Adele K. Thomas : design Tim Merks : Animator Christien Clegg : Animation Director Kathryn Parker: Animator and keeping track of renders and network stuff My Lucky Kitty Howdy!!!  Well yesterday was the end of my first week at Studio Moshi .  Am going to be contracted there as a Senior Animator for a long while (end of 2014 by the looks of things).  The first week was great!  I am back working with friends, everyone is really nice, the studio is awesome and in need of some decorating but we will get to that soon.  Training in is honestly great to get back into it.  A very powerful and amazing compueter animation software and I am hankering to sink my teeth into some actual scenes! I brought my lucky kitty again.  I've been bringing it with me to every studio since my mum gave it to me in 2009. 

Doodle at work 03

Howdy!  A rough sketch I did at work today!  My notebook of toonboom notes is full of doodles and scribbles, I must admit.  That said, am not the only one at work that likes to draw and take down notes simultaneously! Thought I'd try drawing up different body shapes....I may do some proper ones as soon as I have a moment!

Illustration Friday: Wild

Howdy!  Here is my entry to Illustration Friday : Wild!  Heh, I thought that this illustration would be appropriate for the theme...certainly wild looking.  I actually forgot about last week's one so am going to need to do that up just to catch up! It's been very busy the last few days.  Animation has actually started which is really cool and am hoping to complete a couple of test scenes tomorrow!

Doodle at work 02

Howdy!  A quick doodle at work today before the talk about using Toonboom started. The last few days have been a bit of a blur.  Working full-time, gym and trying to get through some freelance work is taking it's toll.  I am drawing every spare moment I have.  That said, I was still able to catch up with a good friend for dinner and get most of my chores done, so that's good! Early gym session tomorrow.  My first one....

Doodles at work

Sketch01 Sketch02 Sketch03 Howdy!  First of all, I am paying attention at work.  At the moment, we have Toon Boom trainers from Canada showing us the motions on a big screen on how Toon Boom works and I take notes as I listen.  However, at times when there is nothing new to write down, I like to sketch.  I find that I concentrate much better if my hands keep moving.  You can see my notes behind the drawings! Proof that I am paying attention.  Anyway, I haven't asked permission on what I can or cannot show on my blog regarding work but am pretty sure that these are allowed. A very productive and good day today.

Hammer Kids

Howdy!  Something I drew up for Supanova that I forgot to put up.  It was pretty popular too in drawing in the crowds and showing the capabilities of the Mepxy markers. Today was my first day at my full-time contract job.  I am not used to working a proper 9-5 gig  as I haven't done it in years and the waking up early is a bit brutal, that said I am glad to be working with friends again!

Supanova Continuation.....

Me drawing with my sister and Rob Day 02 at the Mepxy stand Two new finished pieces of today The awesomeness of Mepxy. All done using Mepxy markers All done using Mepxy markers and without using pencils Our artworks! Howdy!  Well, I had a pretty good time at Supanova today.  I also uploaded a couple of photos from yesterday, showing me drawing as Batgirl.  Today was good and I completed two pieces and though I had tons of compliments and people being impressed, I made no commissions or sales today.  Ah well!  Win some, lose some! I came up with some nice pieces, we came away with some pretty awesome art supplies and all in all, it's been a very good weekend. Would be cool to do this sort of thing again and have a stall and all...though the fees are pretty high up, so it would be good to be connected to a table again and sell stuff like my zines and really push selling the drawings instead of just displaying it next time around.  Live and lea

Supanova commission piece

photo of commission piece photo of dude that bought commission piece Hello, hello!  So I spent most of the day with Rob on the Mepxy table at Supanova.  It was great fun.  I was in a Batgirl costume drawing...for the most part.  Am hoping that there's a photo of me somewhere drawing with the costume on.  It was a rather busy day so I didn't get too many photos. Anyway, this was my third commissioned piece for the day.  I just got asked to do them while I was drawing on the table which was a bit cool.  I did the piece with no pencils and using a reference pic.  I can't even remember what the character was called.  I was also asked to draw Alice in Wonderland as a birthday card and an Ar tic Wolf which was kinda cool.  Alas, did not remember to take photos of those. I wont be in costume will be all about the drawing and using Mepxy markers!

Hand Lady 03: Blue and Yellow

Howdy!  Well, I am exhausted.  I am running on about 3 hours of sleep after trying to get drawings done for Supanova.  Exhausted!  Rob and I are on the Canson table tomorrow at E1!  Come and see us draw on the weekend! Anyway, we're still drawing some stuff to colour in and demonstrate Mepxy pens tomorrow. Anyhooo...still going! 

Lime Green Angler

My workspace.  Check out the Mepxy pens. Lime green down...more to come! Howdy!  I just started this a few hours ago at Squishface Studio , after preparing my zines for Supanova and to stock up for the future.  Another one that I plan to display once I get it fully finished.  I doubt that Canson will have room for me to work on a large scale at the con.  Hoping there is enough space there to even show my pieces off.  Here's hoping. Thought I'd do an angler fish again.  I love this type of fish.  I may do a few more fish bone pieces here and there while I am at the con.  We shall see!

Bird Woman: work in progress pics 02

Close up of face Whole image close up of feathers Hello, hello!  So I finished inking and colouring in the face, just this Sunday past, but I have been pretty busy that I haven't finished it yet.  One of the pieces I will be displaying at Supanova ...or that's the plan anyway.  See what happens as I don't have a whole lot of details yet. I spent this morning cleaning and observing my fishies, going to officeworks to get more zine prints to make and sell for Supanova and other places and then spent the rest of the day brushing up on Toonboom at the studio I start working at...starting next Monday.  I also picked up more illustration work.  No rest for the busy.  I will also start gym training before work 3-4 times a that' will be about 7am.  I am insane.  Oh yes, indeedy.  However, am also a that balances things out.  Sort of.

Commissioned Work: Original Fishbone pieces in WIP stage

Rose Fish for the Lady Fender Stratocaster for the Man Howdy, howdy!  These are the fish bone pieces I got commissioned to paint up by a lady that works at one of my local cafes...a wedding present for her brother and his new wife.  The submission is this Friday and I finished and showed her the sketches about two weeks ago but I've been so smashed with other freelance work that I've only managed to do it starting last night and today.  Yup.  Two pieces in less than two days.  Booyah!  A good few days done before deadline too.  Can you tell that the Rose fish (a very popular fish I must mention) was finished this morning and the guitar one was finished very late evening. Now I need to smash out more pieces for stuff to display at Supanova and my contract work starts on Monday and my previous client was happy with a bunch of illustrations I did last week that I've been hired to do some more.  Insanity! I've been called a machine and a robot lately.  I do lov

Spiked Helmet

Howdy!  Here's another piece to display at Supanova at the Canson table.  I just finished this today and using the Mepxy pens on Bristol board.  The Mepxy is a lot of fun to use and are easier to blend than the copics.  I would strongly suggest using them especially the brush markers.