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Seagate's Creative Professional: Talking about the Slim Portable Hardrive

My profile on the Seagate Facebook page Hard drives received My set-up at the Entertainment Biz Expo Close up of Slim Portable Harddrive So a few months ago I was asked to be part of Seagate's Creative Professional Program , essentially using their product in storing my work and making it more portable when am working off site. The first one I tried was last weekend at the   and it was the Slim Portable hardrive.   Like the name it was so slim and portable!  The stack of business cards I have in my wallet is thicker than that drive.   It holds 500 gigs, and it had all my animation and illustration work that I have done over the past 5 years.  I was also playing my show reel on a loop directly from the drive too and it was very quick and responsive.  All in all, my new favourite drive to take around with me when am working outside of the studio. Seagate Link

Dukes of Broxstonia...some episodes and stuff!

Some still shots from the actual animation Dukes of Broxstonia...the show where I did some of the backgrounds and props on! Check out some of the episodes: mojo episode on it work/dukes/ Robobarj here v=INFARt3uMKA Game watch?v=v4RdA9Bf9L0 Buttpads ad watch?v=OD2CKYyt6dQ   Also....Dukes also won Spaa:  http://www.hollywoodreporter. com/news/goalpost-pictures- australia-named-spa-659043   And nominated for Kidscreen! http://www.hollywoodreporter. com/news/goalpost-pictures- australia-named-spa-659043 Pretty cool!!!!  This was a really fun project to work on and I really am glad I was able to be a part of it.

Male 18

Drew a hasty sketch up....not feeling the urge to draw since being sick.  Sigh....I may have pushed too much methinks.  I can't wait for the Christmas break...

Entertainment Biz Expo

Here are some pics of me and David Blumenstein at the Entertainment Biz Expo last Saturday.  It was a good day though not much of the public showed up.  It was good making contacts with the other stallholders though.  It was good to chill and draw for a bit. I got sick on Saturday night though and I haven't quite recovered.  Day off from the studio tomorrow methinks!

Male 17: Bubblegum

Hi!  Well, woke up with a sore throat this morning which wasn't good.  Then spent most of the morning working on my bacteria animation job and have submitted that.  Fingers crossed that the client loves it!  Off to enjoy what's left of the day.  Something that involves chilling out with friends I think!  Am enjoying the little boy series is a bit of fun.

Male 16: The catch

Something I drew up without pencils today at the Entertainment Biz Expo.  I will write a separate post about that shortly.  It's been fun just drawing loosely and cute characters.  I've been doing quite a bit of magic in Photoshop though to make it look somewhat decent. Today was quite crazy, needing to be at a premiere screening at 7:30am this morning at one of the old studios I used to work at: Viskatoons for Jar Dwellers screening on Channel 11.  I did not work on this project but I was invited to see it at any case!  Then David Blumenstein and I rushed off to the Entertainment Biz Expo where we were until 4pm today.  During this time, I lost my Myki card ( monthly train ticket) which was rather expensive but some kind citizen returned it to the station I last used the card, so Dave and I had to get there before it shut at 5pm.  Traffic in the city was pretty icky too.  Didn't look like we were going to make it either but we did!  Got my card back and all is well

Male 15:Baseball

This was fun to do.  I was thinking of the little girl series I did so I thought I'd try doing some little boy pencil, straight pen and then coloured in Photoshop. A very busy weekend ahead with work and expos!

Male 14

Male for today!  I drew him up at the cafe while having breakfast.  I had to pick up stuff from the local cafe today.  It's also a day when I don't have to get up early to train.  Not really keeping up with the male drawing a day.  Bit difficult when I have other things I rather be drawing or sometimes I really don't have a chance to draw.  However, I will make it a point to draw guys as much as I can.  Properly, too.

It will catch up...

You can't outrun a bad diet.  It will catch up to you Drew this up at work using ToonBoom and after making quota.  I actually created a tumblr blog where I can put all my fitness posts involving the pink bunny.  I haven't been able to put much up there yet.  Been too busy but I am still doing my best to post every day. I have fitness on the brain and want to put up more on my tumblr soon.

Male 13 with reference

  Hi! Been a long and busy day today.  Managed to get a hard shot done at work which is really good.  No feedback from the client for the bacteria job so couldn't work on it today.  A really quick sketch for tonight though.  Really tired at the moment and needing some chill out time.  Been playing a game called Candy Crush today.  Very addictive!  Probably the reason why I don;t play games in the first place.  I can't stop once I start.... This is my friend David Pereira again.  He just has a lot of interesting photos on facebook.

New Bio Pic

My new bio picture taken by Justin Foo .  One of the few pics he took.  This is my favourite one though. Had no time to draw today...was running around doing a lot of errands and am pretty tired now....need sleep....

Male 12 and Mepxy Movember entry

Finished piece with Mepxy markers Work in progress shot   Hello again!  I know, double post.  I couldn't post yesterday as I was away and this is to make up for it.  If people are counting, you should know am about 5 males off.  I should be at Male 17 today but am not.  I need to catch up soon before the month ends.  This week is going to be very busy getting a job after working hours done though.  Hoping I can draw stuff up before gym or during lunch break or something. This is also another entry to the Mepxy Movember competition.  Check them out! Hiked up today with Rob at Mt Piper.  Was amazing and the views were gorgeous.  That said, we cam across a poisonous snake on our way back.  Rob spotted it.  We're fine but it is a reminder that nature is very unpredictable and things like that should be expected.  I am happy that we made it down in one piece.

Male 11 and entry to Mepxy movember

The materials to make the piece Another one of my entries to Mepxy Movember .  Enter if you have markers and live in Australia!  They will give $3 to the charity for every entry and you can be eligible for prizes!  I drew this up late last night with Rob while we were watching Walking Dead.  This has no fineliner and I went straight to colouring it with Mepxy .  I wanted a softer look and I felt that I achieved that.  It wasn't working for a while though and this piece came very close to being ripped up but Rob calmed me down and I managed to save it.  Hurrah!  I really do get a bit angry at myself when my own personal pieces aren't going the way I like.

Illustration Job: some illustrations for a handwriting book

Hello, hello!  Here are a few illustrations I did for a job months ago for a prep book.  I had to mimic someone elses style.  It took a while but I did get there! Looking forward to a pretty chilled weekend and it begins all over again come Monday!

Male 10 and entry to Mepxy Movember Comp

Hello, hello!  Check out what I inked and coloured at work today?  Got my male and a competition entry while making footage and fix ups.  Hurrah!  I also put this through Photoshop for some background love and FX.  The was used using Mepxy Markers for their Movember Competition . My chin is a bit wonky but other than that am happy with the study.

Concept designs:: bacteria

Some of the concept work I sent through to the client weeks ago, am now actually animating all these element's and needing to get it done before end of the month.  I wanted to submit something else tonight but I couldn't finish the piece.  Am exhausted.  Long days do take their toll and as much as I love keeping busy and doing all these projects, I do need a proper re-charge.  Will take the time to chill during the Christmas Break.  Mostly anyway.

Male 09: Am a little teapot.

More what do folks think of these muscles?  Am a bit behind with my one male a day thing..still not feeling too inspired.  Though I am enjoying drawing up cartoons though. So the Venus Rising exhibition has been cancelled  due to the venue not being consistent with their instructions.  A shame, but that means I can work on my pieces more instead of rushing it.  So sleepy at the moment.  It has been a long day....

Male 08: big nose....

My male drawing for the evening.  I kept trying and trying to sketch something that was even halfway decent and came up with this.  Sigh.  All done with Mepxy markers. Drawings guys is a bit uninspiring for me.  I know it's a comfort zone thing but am finding it rather frustrating.  Am sure it will be better if I am not trying to force something out. The Venus Rising exhibition has fallen through due to venue problems.  A pain but not much else can be done about it.  Hopefully a new venue will be sorted out.  If not, am going to just continue with my current series so I have something new to display next year.

Work in progress for Venus Rising exhibition.

Hello!  Another Work in progress shot for a possible piece to show at the Venus Rising Exhibition.  I will prbably continue to make the series anyway after the exhibition as am enjoying it.  Combining women with the fishbone rabbit theme is a bit of fun.  Some problems has occurred with the venue though so the details of the exhibition may change soon..... Am thinking of taking a 21 day clean eating challenge....been eating way too much junk lately and illustrate my food diary.  That should be good...

WIP:Venus Rising Exhibition piece

Still going....inking feathers is tedious but fun.  Of course it may be taking longer since am watching the Walking Dead while inking it.  Sketched out another piece today too and am hoping to ink it tomorrow.  I am enjoying the new series.  I wish I knew how to title it though: contains fish, fauna, feathers and females.  A lot of "F's"  I wish my hand was steadier with inking though.  You can always tell when I've made a mistake.  Ah well.

Male 07

Hallo!  Here's my male for today.  The challenge is to start drawing them full body and not just the head.  Not really that keen though I must admit.  I doodled this guy on the couch, no pencil again and post in Photoshop. 

Venus Rising WIP pieces.

Extreme close up of piece 02 Close up of rough sketch for piece 03 Been working on my Venus Rising pieces tonight so had no time to draw any dudes.  Ooopsie!  Feeling the pressure to get enough pieces done so I can pick the best ones to go in the exhibition.  Feeling rather intimidated displaying next to all these artists.  They're really good and I just want to stay on par. There are a lot of art pages on facebook and one thing I've noticed with all of them is that they have the same style and subject matter pretty much all the time.  I have series of work (like the fishbones) but I don't necessarily stick to one subject matter or style constantly.  I wonder if this is detrimental to me as an artist.  Certainly isn't as a freelancer since I have been hired several times to copy the style of somebody else....based on the fact that I can draw differently.  That said, I do like shading in fineliner a certain way and I have a hard time with hands still.

Male 06: Rob Macfarlane

Rob Based this on a ref pic but it didn't quite turned out the way I wanted.  Kept trying to make it look like he was puckering his lips like in the photo but he just ended up looking scarred when I did that so I had to change it a bit.   Bleh!  Try again I guess.  Puckered lips is difficult to get drawing realistically! I really need to start doing some male character designs too...must admit that drawing dudes doesn't inspire me much but that's probably because am just out of my comfort zone.  So much to do as always and there never seems to be enough time in the day to do them all...

Male 05

Hi!  Just made this guy up while watching the Walking Dead.  Pretty good series though the characters and their actions do irritate me quite a bit.   Another one done without a pencil and coloured in Photoshop.

Venus Rising Exhibition.....

Hi!  So this is an exhibition I am a part of and the opening is December 07, Saturday.  Do come down if you're in Melbourne and are free!  Should be fun.  All new pieces from me at this show!

Squishface Coaster Show 2013 (male 03 and 04)Sad lady

First Coasters of the day and I baked brownies! the coaster show was today! The wall by the end of the day Ben Hutcho sticking up more coasters The crowd...packed house again! Rob Macfarlane David and Ben     Sad lady (coaster I did today) Worried Lady (coaster I did today) MALE FOR THE DAY 01 and inspired by Ben Hutcho Blase lady  (coaster I did today) Neutral and surprise lady Sad lady (coasters I did today) Angry and Cynical ladies Sad lady (coasters I did today) Happy lady (coaster I did today) Cheeky lady (coaster I did today) My very first coaster for the day and my warm up MALE 02 and based on Ive The Squishface Coaster show was today and I spent most of the day baking, drawing and eating terrible food.  It was a really fun day and I did quite a lot of coasters today.  I am feeling a bit drawn out but it was a really good drawing day. All pieces from me are done with Mepx Markers.