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Bye bye 2014!

Achievement Wall Exhibitions 2012-2014 New Years Eve!  First if all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for tonight and that I hope all of you will be safe, have a great time seeing 2015 come about and may all your hang overs recover quickly.  This is a time where most of us think of what we would like to achieve next year and reflect on how the year or even past years have gone and to give yourself a pat on the back and be grateful for all the awesome things and for still being alive, healthy and having people who like/love you. 2014 for me was a little up and down personally but I think it ended very well.  I did end up selling more work and being part of more exhibitions but alas, I did not eat as healthy as I would have liked.  Something to really keep an eye out for 2015.  Other than that, I just want to 2015 to be a year full of achievements, prosperity, happiness and keeping my family and friends safe and have their own goals fulfilled.  I would like to kee

Lucky cats (my sister's collection)

Lucky Cats that my sister owns!  I love Lucky Cats.  I have quite a few of my own.  I love what they symbolize (which is to bring good fortune) and I like cats in general.  Unfortunately I can never own one as am allergic to them.  These where good fun to draw and am hoping for a lot of luck and good fortune come 2015!!!  My goodness, the New Year is already upon us!  Where did the time go? 

Face Doodle: Chery

Hello! A face doodle I drew at my parents house.  It has been a busy few days since I got back to my place.  Spent most of last night shredding and organizing files.  Getting rid of old contracts from 7 years or so ago along with tax stuff.  The stuff you accumulate if you let it get on top of you is completely mental.  Am nowhere near finished either.  Bah!  ext week is already going to be busy as I have to get onto all my jobs for the New Year as well as accomplishing a few things before going back to the studio.  Is it mental?  You bet it is!  I am going to hit the ground running as soon as 2015 hits.  Not that I feel like I've ever stopped running anyway....

drawing junkfood

Hallo, hallo!  One of the things I enjoy drawing for fun are junkfood package designs.  They're just so much fun!  I especially love to draw the colourful pieces too!  I think it would be great to do big pieces of just sweeties.  Like a still-life but instead of apples and jars I will be drawing packages of candy and cereals or something. Spent most of the day buying stuff for my apartment to better organize my stuff and to keep things in better order.  It's nice to finally have a place for all my big sketchbooks instead of it lying around everywhere.  I actually freed up a lot of shelf space and I now have a few extra boxes here and there.  Spent a good deal today shredding old files too.  My goodness, the things we accumulate is absolute mental! It truly is.  Hopefully before January is out, I would have cleared up all the clutter in my study.  That would be great.  I have a whole list of things I want to achieve (as always) and am going to try to be more focused and

Using the new table with a book illustration gig...

Hello, hello!  I hope everyone had a realy good Christmas this year and that you'll all have an awesome and safe New Years to come.  I had a lot of great presents this year, so far the table and the Fitbit stands out.    The one with the illustrations was actually done on my parents table which is exactly the same at the one I now have at my house, assembled by my friend Rob.  Thank goodness too since I hate furniture assembling. This Christmas was really good.  I spent it with my family and had a lot of really good food and I slept a lot.  Feels like I spent most of the time chilling out, which isn't really my style.  Granted, though, I did finish some book illustration work on Christmas day.  Hey, illustrating does chill me out!  It was very good to relax. For other news, also watched the last installment of the Hobbit series.  Great fun!  The next one on the movie watch list is "Birdman"!

Happy Holidays 2014!

Hi everyone!  Hope that at least some of you are already enjoying the holidays.  I didn't do any work today though I feel I may do a few work illustrations here and there during the holidays...but it would be good to focus on family and friends and even myself for at least a few days without having to think of work too much. This year has been very full, busy, eventful and filled with a lot of achievements.  Here's to better and more awesome things for 2015!

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Central Decoration

Hi!  First time I managed to get some Urban Sketching done in a while!  I've had my eye on the Melbourne Central christmas decor for a while so it was good to finally draw it!  Was good fun but so detailed though and it took a while.  Finally finished all my Christmas shopping today.  Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow I think.  Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas Holiday and New Years!

Bunny in the book

Well, am still drawing in that storybook I've been bringing around with me.  I wonder if I will eventually fill all the pages.  We shall see.  This has been a lot of fun and drawing in an actual book does have a really cool and different look about it. I have a few days of rest till I need to go flat out with work again.  I have e-books to do and I already started tonight which is great.  I'm trying out a different style and I am liking it!

Discus Fish

Been a long time since I've drawn any fish.  I do enjoy drawing them.  Went for total shut down mode last night.  Didn't want to turn on the computer or be near one.  It happens from time to time and spent the night chilling.  Did pretty well with the current job am on that I can;t say anything about and I have mentioned that I have been fully booked for January.  Yay!  Big year next year I think.  Not just work-wise either.  Now to spend Christmas working on all the e-books I couldn't do and spending it with family and friends.  Hurrah!

Sketch of a poison dart frog

A sketch I did a few days ago when i still had energy.  The new studio job is really tiring and intense...I think.  Not sure if it's because I haven't been tied to regular hours for a very long time and there really isn't a lot of break time at this studio or if it's because I've been working almost non-stop for a very long time.  Not sure.  Am exhausted though.  I will need a bit of time off during Christmas...because January is officially booked almost immediately after New Years.  Looking forward to my vacation time in Japan.

Face Doodle: Charlotte

Hi!  Another tiring day.  I am burning out a bit.  Haven't been able to do much illustrating (for work) after hours.  Lucky they are a bit loose with the deadline.  I think I may do the whole lot in one hit....the doodles I do after work or before work are my relaxation doodles.  No pressure if it's icky but it gets some creative juices flowing or a nice way to wind down.

Crow sketch

Thought I would draw something different tonight to relax.  Here's a crow and using a sharpie.  I am really enjoying drawing in this old book that I found in an antique shop in Bendigo.  The pages are like cardboard.  The book was from the 1930's and the origanl owners signature can be found on the cover of the book. This was good fun and I do like the loose strokes of a sharpie.  Busy day again today but lots of good feedback which is encouraging and am in a good place in terms of where I should be in this project.  That said, I better get onto drawing up stuff for my e-book job tomorrow.

Face Doodle: Jasmine

A late night face doodle I did a few nights ago and haven't posted.   Lots of work and I was doing work today too just so I can make sure I am on top of things this week.  Due date after all.  Got to make sure I make it!  I should be on target though. Anyhoo, relax time now!

Mixed Up Maths: still shot

Hi!  Too busy to make a new drawing today.  You should see the scenes am currently animating at work.  It's quite massive.  Anyway, just in case you missed it, here's a still from the Mixed Up Math job!   For  Mixed Up Maths , the episodes I worked on were: "World Famous Structures", "Dominator or Denominator", "Unlikely or Possible?" (most of my animation powers were used here) and "Hot or Cold? Wet or Dry?"  Please have a watch when you get the chance! Quite wrecked at the moment and tired that I've slowed down a bit.  Taking a break from animating tomorrow but it's pedal to the metal on Sunday again!

Face Doodle: Rose

A face doodle I did at breakfast before work today.  Not drawing anything just for fun or for me can get depressing after a few days.  This is actually inspired by one of my new co-workers.  I thought her hair was so cool when I first arrived and I have pretty funky hair myself.  She's really friendly, all of them are.  It's really intense on terms of work though.  It really is heads down and get the job done type of thing.  I had to get used to a few things like regular feedback when am not done with the job yet.  I am so used to fully animating stuff and doing fixes after that it has taken a few days to get used to.  All good though!  It's called adaptability and am pretty good at that...I think. I work a lot and I work hard but I am finding this place to be very intense.  The concentration is pretty full on.  I don't listen to anything, no distractions, nothing..just focus on the work and try to remember to stretch.

E-book (clementine)

So busy.  No...I mean am really working around the clock.  Another quick job came up around 5pm today so I am still working right now.  My house is a mess and am feeling pretty wrecked.  Sleep time after this last illustration....

E-book page (clemencia)

One of the pages I illustrated last week.  Drawn by hand and coloured in Photoshop.  A little bit on the quirky side, this one.  I still have quite a few more books to illustrate so am going to change up the style. It's been a few hard and busy working weeks on my ends and no signs of it slowing down just yet.  It's great but at the same time it's exhausting.  What's with all these people wanting stuff done and so last minute?  Don't really get it but lots of folks are needing stuff done in a hurry and I just need to pump it out. Am tired and I need to get up early so I can do a bit of work at home before heading to the studio to do more work.  Absolute madness all around.

Interview by Jennifer Choat for the North and West Melbourne News

Hi!  So a couple of weeks ago I got interviewed for this paper by Jennifer Choat.  She found me on one of the websites I was affiliated with, though she wasn't quite sure how she got there, but hey, lucky right?  Anyway, it was a one hour interview and Jennifer was very nice and professional.  It's nice to have a blog to put up all stuff and be a digital scrapbook.  Though every post I randomly read from the past just has me saying am busy.  I've been busy for a very long time...which is great!  can't believe that it will be my 11th year in the animation industry next year.  Scary stuff, huh? For other news, I started at a new studio today and working on a project that am not quite sure am allowed to talk about just yet. More news when am allowed to tell them!  However, on top of that job, a company that I have been doing a job for every Christmas, since 2012, has contacted me to do another video for their conference which I need to work on over Christmas and

Squishface Coaster Show 2014

Squishface Coaster s how for this year.  It had over 300 submissions which was amazing!  Yay!  Broke the two previous coaster submissions.  Always good fun to be a part of this exhibition and drawing coasters.  It's fun to draw on different objects from time to time. Going into a new studio tomorrow.  See how we go!

Daily Sketch: miscellaneous face

Hi!  Trying something new and drawing on an old book.  Found one with really thick pages (almost cardboard) from an op shop for $10.  It was like published in the 1930's.  Pretty cool!

Daily Sketch: Lucky cat pair

Lucky Cat sketch!  I have more to draw over here, that's for sure! 

Illustration Job: Clemencia e-book

I drew this up on the weekend and then inked and coloured it yesterday!  I only did one with actual water colours though.  Am thinking of drawing up a whole book like that next time!  Anyway, this has already been approved by the client and I've been given another 4 books to illustrate.  Yay!  I am still working on this big corporate animation job  and the client saw some of the animation today and he loved it!  I will also be going into another studio on Monday.  Busy, busy, busy.  I haven't had a breather yet.  It's great bouncing from project to project though!!!  I will be taking most of Friday and all of Saturday and most of Sunday off though.  Hoping to do some work on Sunday evening.  I still need to Christmas shop!!!  My schedule is completely crazy.  Crazy I say!

Daily Sketch: Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky sketch I did a few days ago actually.  It's good fun just sketching whatever random, quirky thing I have available in-between jobs. I've been working almost non-stop the last few days.  Big animation job and I needed a break from it tonight that I ended up working on my illustration job.  I'll be checking it tomorrow morning with fresh eyes before I submit it though.  I managed to finish it, which is pretty cool. I have a really big shot I need to finish tomorrow, so fingers cross I get it done!  Bed time now to start it all over again tomorrow.

Daily Sketch: Mr. Jailman

This is a piggy bank that my dad got me when he returned from a business trip in Japan when I was 9.  I loved this present and still do as it's been with me for 25 years.  The enamel on the moustache is a bit chipped and the original lock to the cage (he's actually in a cage) has gotten lost but otherwise, he's in good condition, considering how old he is and how he's had to move houses several times and countries.  I love piggy banks though.  I have about 9 in the house...and one is at Squishface since we needed a piggy bank there.  Sometimes I think I might have OCD as I have a coin bank for the different coins.  Like $1 only in one piggy bank (like Mr. Jailman only keeps 1 dollars).  Anyway, I find it fun and it's good to keep money in the house, even if it's just small change. Another really big day today.  I'm tired cos I've slowed down a bit.  Really big job with a fast turn-around is tiring.  Doing my best though.  I have to pull out some bi

Squishface Coaster Show: Crow

Another one of my pieces to the coaster show.  Wheee!  A very, very busy day today and I got a really huge chunk done and I was hoping I would have been able to do more but out of juice and have slowed down way too much for it to make much of a dent now.  Too bad, ah well.  Did a lot today though and I should be able to complete another big batch tomorrow! 

Squishface Coaster Show: Skull coaster

Hi!  Another one of my entries to the Squishface coaster show coming this Sunday!  I actually did this last weekend at a friends place.  This was inspired by a skull that was sitting on her table. I know, I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I am extremely busy this week.  I need to get a very big job done in about 5 days..since I actually want to attend the Moshi Christmas party this Friday, spend time in the country on Saturday and actually be at the Coaster show on Sunday...not to mention have time to bake for the coaster show.... very flat out at the moment.  I mean really flat out.  I need to gun it majorly this week to make deadline.   I actually spent most of today on an illustration job and did some of the animation work this evening and took a day off yesterday.  Once can get burnt out really quick without a breather here and there.  The next four days will be me gunning it...  See how we go!

Daily Sketch: Ravng Rabbid

Here's a doodle of the Raving Rabbid I spotted and bought in Paris.  I loved the game and I particularly liked this figure. It's going to be a heavy drawing weekend.  I have been enjoying keeping a journal and sketching all sorts of things again.  Not everything is drawn to be sold.  Sometimes it's nice to just draw whatever takes your fancy without any pressure that it has to be a masterpiece

Daily Sketch: Lucky Cat01

Hi!  A sketch of one of my lucky cats.  I actually have a lot of lucky cats at home.  I used to collect them quite a bit and I wouldn't mind a few more...but there's only so much lucky cats you can have.  I like this one in particular, it was a present from my mum around 2008 or 2009.  It's made of metal and a lot heavier than it looks.  I tend to take it with me when I'm going to be at a Studio for a while.  Comforting to have with me, I guess!  It is now back with me at home and next to my computer. This cat was at my workspace when I was at Ettamogah for almost two years, then at Squishface when I was there for over a year and at Studio Moshi, there since 2012 and ended today.  More or less.  Studio Moshi was an amazing place to work in.  It was great and I hope to go back there too.  That said, might be nice to just freelance from home and wander from studio to studio for a while!  Change can be really good for creativity but I do look forward to working wi

Daily Sketch: Fancy Bear

Fancy Bear!  This is my little orange bin that I've been using at Moshi for almost two years.  It's sometimes scary on how quick time flies.  I am finishing off my last 3 fix-ups tomorrow.  It will be good to get that all done and start on a new chapter.  I haven't heard back from the company that offered me work for a while.  That's okay though....I submitted an e-book yesterday and picked up another e-book job to illustrate already.  I also have a quick turn-around animation to do next week there's still stuff for me to do!  I also applied for another gig last night (just incase things fall through)

Daily sketch: honey

Hi!  Gone back to food diary and sketching the nearest objects (that may or may not have to do with food) around me.  I find it relaxing and I also control my food intake better when I write it down.  It's amazing how much food you can end up eating without knowing.  On another note, I've gotten addicted to Blood Mary's...without the vodka for the most part.  Tomato juice is really nice...then add Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, salt, pepper and lemon and a stick of celery to stir and to garnish.  Yum!  I wonder if I've gone over quota though...I've had like 3 glasses today! Feeling burnt out since am a tad under the weather (darn temperature changes) and am a bit overloaded this week.  Finishing off Moshi, submitting 2 exhibition pieces, finishing an illustration job, got mounts done to send a commissioned framed piece to Tasmania, work emails, got to go and do an early vote...gah!  I actually had to skip training and Japanese today since I really wasn

First coaster for the Squishface Coaster Show!

Spot the 2 coasters I did! Picture by David Blumenstein from Squishface Coaster show 2013 My first coaster to the Squishface Coaster Show!   Come one come all!  I will be baking something again as per usual.  The coaster show is always a fun event and am looking forward to being a part of it again this year!  It's on at Dec 07 from 12-5pm at 309 Victoria Street Brunswick. I managed to draw up quite a few coasters last Sunday at my friends house, where we were playing with all her art materials and I came up with a few that I was happy with. Am quite the busy bee at the moment....always doing a lot.  I may need to slow of these days...

House sketching!

Today, I went to a friends house and there was so much to sketch!  She has a really quirky and awesome home and not to mention a great array of art supplies.  This was a stuffed ant on her table. There was cake and so much yummy food to be had and I got so many references on where to buy art stuff and new techniques and inspirations that I can't wait to try when I finally have some of that elusive free time.  Maybe I really should attempt to have a month off one of these days just to draw and experiment on my own.  No rest for the wicked though, had to finish a commission job which I need to get a mount done this week and mailed asap with a frame, still have to do 3 more illustration for my e-book gig, finishing off at Moshi and I have another animation job that will be running on top of Moshi before it ends.  Madness.  Absolute madness.

Urban Sketching: Ceres Visitor Centre

The Melbourne Sketchers where at Ceres Visitor Centre today at East Brunswick.  Was certainly a lot of fun! I mentioned I was ending at Moshi some time next week or the week after and it looks like I will still be busy as I've just picked up freelance work that might keep me busy all the way till end of Jan.  I am certainly going to be exremely busy getting jobs done by Christmas.  So much to do!!  It's insane!

Illustration Job: (e-book, Blanca)

Started on another e-book job today.  Not too sure if this is quite finished yet.  Thinking of adding in some gradients here and there.  We shall see.  All digitally done in Flash this time because of the patterns which is easier to do on a computer.  Hoping to get this done next week....but we shall see.  A lot of heavier detailing this time! week is looking mental since am finishing up at Moshi...see how we go!

quick sketch at coffee shop

A quick sketch last weekend!  Was a really busy day today so didn't have time to draw again.  In fact...there's a lot of busy days coming up but there will be a lot of drawing this weekend though! Got a rest now....

Cafe sketch.

A quick sketch I did at the Botanical Gardens a few days ago,  Didn;t have time to draw anything today!  Spent most of the night doing house chores.  Bleh.

Animation job: Mixed up Maths

Mixed Maths A screen shot captured from the Mixed Up Maths website.  Check out all the animations there!  I was one of the animators on this project and I was working on this on top of my full-time animation contract at Studio Moshi. ...for the project :The Day my Butt went Psycho." We had about a month to complete the animation on Mixed-Up Maths and it was good fun to work on.  The storyboards and design were done by Aaron Davies and the project was for Suitcase Murphy .  I was actually one of the animators on another Suitcase Murphy project which was Planet Right , done in 2010 I think. For Mixed Up Maths , the episodes I worked on were: "World Famous Structures", "Dominator or Denominator", "Unlikely or Possible?" (most of my animation powers were used here) and "Hot or Cold? Wet or Dry?"  Please have a watch when you get the chance!

Piece 01: Lucy Liu ..done

Hi!  So I finally finished the Lucy Liu piece tonight.  The colour pencil was done a few days ago but I felt it was lacking so I played around with it in Photoshop.  I do love combining traditional and digital techniques.  It's good fun.  Anyway, thought I would attach both versions for comparision sake.  So what's better?  The original or the digitally altered version?  This piece is going to Girls to the Front .