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food diary excerpt from earlier today.

diary fox wip Post for the day!!!  I got in the Cat Exhibition!  Working with the brush pen!

100 Cat submission: Sneeze

Finished piece Wip from last night Hi!  Well, I started this last night and finished it today while at work and after finishing a ton of footage.  This is my first time using a brush pen.  Anyway, it was my submission to an exhibition.  More on that if I get in.  If not....oh well.  It was good to practice with the brush pen anyway! Am still thinking of which commission job (got two) or if I should work on my e-book job.  Choices...choices....

Journal pics and entries since Saturday..

Drew this last Saturday before hiking at Flinders Street Station while waiting for a friend.  Strangers like chatting to people who draw. Monday morning during brekky.  First time trying Moccona After dinner on Monday.  Mum showed me that coating meat with mustard is delicious.  It sure is. At work today during my break.  A slice of cheesecake as a treat today...and probably for the whole week. BIRTHDAY BOY!  Our animation supervisor Christien Clegg.  Photo by Jemimah Clegg (his wife).  Am in the background :P Well, here are the entries over the last few days.  Kinda fun drawing objects and food that are in front of me.  No pencils, straight fineliners and using ball pens, gel pens, brush pens and any other pens that doesn't bleed on paper.  I finished a monster of a shot today.  Very pleased.  Got a few hard days ahead of me though.  Trying to think of which project I should do a bit of tonight since I have early training tomorrow.  Hmmmm

Mepxy markers drawing challenge entry

My entry to the Mepxy markers competition .  I did quite fast last night since this week was going to be pretty busy.   It was fun to draw but my typography still needs work. Anyhoo, the roughs for my new e-book job has been approved, better get onto making it nice tonight!  Going to use another technique different to the other 2 books I've done previously.  This one has fox characters!

Kitty Cat birthday present!

Birthday boy black and white coloured Howdy!  No urban sketching this weekend but look what I drew on late Friday night!  I didn't have time to draw on Saturday as I went hiking in Belgrave with a friend.  He took me to an awesome park and the hike was tough but there was plenbty to see.  I saw Lyrebirds!  Pretty amazing.  The place is quaint and I want to go back on a good day just to draw some of the buildings in the small town.  I got back pretty late and I had to go home, clean up and head out again to celebrate the birthday party!  Here's my friend and sound designer Daniel Waghorn .  He does all the music for my animations.  Check him out!  Had a lovely time at his birthday last night. I slept in today.  In fact, I've been tired for most of the day and I think a good sleep is in order tonight. The next few weeks are about to get very busy.  I picked up another e-book job so off I go again!  Be warned that my writing will probably be quite sporadic a

Journal doodles

Some journal doodles over the last few days!  Am actually working on something right now so I don't have much time to write.  What I drew shall go up tomorrow!

Gelatin Art at the folks place

My sister's second creation My design! work in progress! Checkout my mum's pink Jelly flower! My sister's first creation My second piece My mum's firt piece. It was all about gelatin art at the parents place last night after dinner.  Mum made the jellies and the dyes and instructed my sister and I how to make flowers inside.  We didn't have the proper tools and my mum has never done it before herself but only read up on it earlier.  I t was a good and fun night being creative with the family.  Dad was watching the process the whole time.  We all thought it was going to end up disastrous but they're all so pretty!  Can't wait to see what mum can actually do with the proper tools.

Some pics of journal entried for today

Some journal entries for today.  There is something cathartic writing down achievements, daily activities, hopes, insecurities and failures.  Am still eating too much sugar....the failure to kick the habit does depress me a bit.  A lack of willpower.  I hate failing.  I hate losing.  I hate it and I know I can do it but I've been on a yoyo with my habits as of late.  Trying to control it can be quite tiring.

Urban Sketching: Newmarket Station

Newmarket Station I drew this some time ago but only managed to colour it last night.  My 29th completed Urban Sketch.  I am quite pleased by my progress and the fact that the subjects and angles seems to be increasing in difficulty probably means am getting more confident.  I do feel more confident, I admit.  There are some areas in Melbourne that are lovely but probably too dangerous to sketch on which is a shame. I accomplished a lot of things today...electrician sorted the fuses out, tax man and then I paid my taxes as well and the dentist.  Now to catch up with a friend which should be quite lovely.

Todays daily sketch: one of my cups at home

kitchen drawing during brekky close up Hi!  I didn't doodle much today except for this cup, which I had milo in with breakfast this morning.  Am sure I will be doodling a bit more tomorrow though.  My fuse box is getting changed tomorrow so no electricity tomorrow at my place for a few hours.  Plenty of drawing time though! I sorted out all my taxes and sent all the information I had to the accountant.  Lots of appointments tomorrow and am hoping to get everything done without any problems!

Urban Sketching: Royal Arcade Bourke Street

Finished arcade! Me at the cafe colouring Al most time for the sketch pictures! Am taking shots too! Royal Arcade sketching group! Hi!  Totally awesome day today!  Urban Sketching, out and about!  My piece took me almost 4 hours to do!  It was madness.  I was at this cafe in one spot the whole time.  The waitress loved the piece (but couldn't afford the original) so I let her take a photo of it.  Ah well!  She was nice enough not to ask for the table back even when the cafe got very busy so all good!  A good day today but I ended up feeling sick for drawing too long, without a break, so only one sketch done today and am busy tomorrow with sorting out my taxes and seeing friends for a BBQ in the afternoon so I may not get a chance to draw tomorrow either.  Oh well.  It will all work itself out. My parents came over today and mum helped me cook which was lovely!  I don't enjoy cooking when I have other things to do I guess...and dinner tonight was very g

Some doodles for today!

Sketch of milk used at work My materials Sketch of tea in a styrofoam cup Some of the doodles done today.  Enjoying drawing on textured paper and practicing still life stuff.  No pencils, just straight pens as per normal.  I think I am getting better just drawing straight with a pen. Yesterday, I was shading the apple I drew on the train and the woman next to me was admiring it,  We got chatting and it made the train ride home quite pleasant.  I've been approached by lots of strangers lately and most of my experiences have been good.  A great way to meet people, it would seem. Looking forward to Urban Sketching tomorrow!

Todays journal sketches

Well, I've been keeping up with my little sketchbook journal and enjoying it.  I, like just being able to doodle whatever I feel like and whatever is catching my attention at the time.    Am alsp loving this recycling pad because I can draw on it back to back.  Certainly one of the best travel journals I've ever had.  I would love to try a moleskine pad though.

Some more pics from my journal

close up of doodle in journal close up of doodle in journal Sketchy, sketchy, sketchy!  Started a food diary again since that seems to be the only thing that can curb my sugar cravings.  It's something that holds you accountable the minute there's evidence anywhere.  This is not to say that I am depriving myself.  When there's a shindig, am all for a treat or two...however, it will become a problem if I don't keep that in check.  Just because am fit and healthy, it doesn't mean am not in danger of diabetes.  I am.  Both my mom and dad have a line of diabetes and the likelihood of me getting it is really high, simply because of genetics and I am a self-confessed sugar addict.  I would chow down boxes of oreos and wash it down with milk and maybe have a milo afterwards IF there weren't any consequences.  I remember when I finished, all by myself, with milk, a large box of cinnamon crunch in one day.  I did that in Canada and my goodness, when they say &qu


Hi!  Submitted the bunny e-book today and got myself a new sketchbook/journal.  Kinda like a fancy version of a Food Diary and just writing down and doodling stuff.  May even do some urban sketching with this type of paper.  Small details like windows, awnings, towers, etc.  Could be interesting...we shall see.  Don't think I would include it with my "city of sketches" project though.

Illustration Job: last illustration sumitted tonight.

Last illustration for the bunny book tonight! I had to re-send a new rough earlier and it got approved.  Yay!  So thought I would finish this up before bed.  Anyway, it is all submitted now.  Got to wait for the verdict tomorrow! For other news, I have to take the day off work next Monday.  An electrician is coming over, I have a tax appointment and a dentist appointment. All on the same day.  Not much of a day off really, is it? Was working on a big scene at work today and am looking forward to getting that all done tomorrow.  Hopefully get more shots done too.

Bunny e-book close!

Hi!  Was working on the rough for the front and back cover tonight and just sent that off to the client.  Lets see if he likes it!  The pages have all been coloures (above pic) and approved.  It's now down to the front and back cover which needs to get done by Wednesday.  Wish me luck! I have a tough week ahead.  Double jobs/tiple jobs, sorting out taxes and re-scheduling things so I don't end up too overwhelmed.  I suspect that will be the case anyway.