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Book Illustration: Burma page

One of the illustrations from my first big book.  One of my favourite ones out of the book too cos it's so random! Tired and packing and getting ready to holiday.  Going to need to gun it immediately when I get back.  Got quite a few due dates!

dog Study: Indy

Drew a  picture of my cousin's doggy a few days ago.  His name is Indy.  The last few days getting my stuff together for travelling has been very tiring and a little bit stressful.  It's been a bit of a madhouse really. I feel very unprepared and that I might not have done enough work...etc.  Ah well.  Will finish what I can before I go while running errands and see where we go from there.  Nothing else can be done after all.  Got to pack light and make sure the luggage I take will be easy for me to grab and get to from place to place...

52 Week Illustration Challenge. Week 11: Green

Week 11 !  My goodness...I blanked out with this one.  I just did not know what to draw!  Anyway, did this really quick one with ballpoint pen and then digitally coloured in Photoshop.  Today I discovered that buying Yen at the last minute is a horrible and terrible experience to be had.  First of all, there is no Yen in Melbourne.  I went to 4 money exchange and had a very stressful wait for it to be booked and delivered and then it wasn't even sure if it was even going to come but come it did.  Rushed back into the city to get it and hoping that tomorrow will be less painful.  Today was like pulling teeth out of a very uncooperative shark.  Seriously.  Maybe less bloody but was certainly painful.  Now, all I want is a hot shower, prepare my stuff for tomorrow and sleep.  Sweet, sweet sleep.

Cat Study: Sonny

Hi!  Been practicing drawing with just a black point ball pen and it's coming out rather well!  Am not sure how much I will bring with me when I do travel drawings.  Watercolours is probably out.  I really am thinking using mostly fineliners and non-wet medium when I travel!  Maybe a pencil or two!  I have a book ready.  A nice blank sketchbook to document my trip!  It will also hold my notes I think ;)

Dog Study

Based on a photo of a friend's dog!  Was doing some animal studies yesterday and practicing linework. Done with a fineliner and ball point pens.  Might be an awesone thing so I bring minimum drawing materials as I travel! I also don't draw enough dogs and they are great!

Art Boy exhibition: DC vs MARVEL

Hi!  It was the DC vs Marvel exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery yesterday and it was a great night.  Rob (@splatt_artwork is his handle on instagram) got a lot of accolades and people loving his piece and I managed to sell mine which was pretty awesome.  I wasn't expecting it that's for sure.  It was a really good environment too and certainly a place that I would like to exhibit at again.  The artboy gallery guys are great!  Am looking forward to the next chance that we can exhibit there! I called my piece "Favourites" and it is essentially my favourites from the Marvel and DC universe.  I did it with markers and pens.  Really good fun to do! Hurray that people liked it!

Fashion Study Menswear (Saibu no Akuma) 02

Hi!  Did this drawing of one of the Saibu no Akuma boys based on a photo.  Did it with markers and staedtler pens.  Lots of fun, though was hard to see since the photo could only get so big before it starts pixelating.  I think this drawing is looking better proportionally.  It's really tough getting that face angle though! Some good 01 has been approved!  Woo hoo!  I am already on book 02 and have even picked up another job, smaller than the book job but another illustration gig on my belt will be awesome.  I may get published again which would be awesome!

A drawing day off....more or less.

Belgian Beer Cafe Add caption GAYIP sculpture at Southbank Promenade drying my sculpture painting in the ladies Painting my cake Managed to finish the painting before the sorbet melted! Hallo, hallo!  A very, very busy but good day today.  Gym in the morning at 7am, then I went and had a big brekky and worked on my second book and answered emails and discussed fix-ups with the client for the first book (so easy to do business with smart phones).  Afterwards, I met up with my friend Evelyn (instagram: @evelyn.yee) and we first sketched on a lawn near the Eureka Tower.  Well, she sketched bikes while I did more work and while we were there we got accosted by an adorable corgi.  I want a corgi now!  Anyway, we ventured off to the Belgian Beer Cafe (they make awesome Bloody Marys) and then we drew the GAYIP sculpture on the Southbank Promenade but it got too hot so we finished the colouring at Crown Casino food court.  I had to dry my piece at the ladies toile

52 Week Illustration Challenge Week 10: Night

Hi!  Here's a quick one today for the 52 week illustration challenge group..week 10: Night.  Got a bit stumped to be honest so it was a quick doodle today.  Some watercolours and then Photoshop love.  You can compare the original and the modified versions via the pics.  I felt like doing something with multiple characters and to put another drawing in the antique book.  I had a rough night last night.  I woke up at 3:30am and I just couldn't go back to sleep and the internet problems where iffy again this morning.  I can't wait for my new modem to arrive.  It has something to do with weak wifi signals apparently. I think am going to take...MOST of the day off tomorrow.  My Japan trip is coming soon so I don;t feel too comfortable taking breaks until I get a huge amount of work done before  I leave.  The good news is that I have already started on my second book.  The bad news is that I am still waiting on approval on the last few stragglers of my first book.  Oh w

Quick fashion sketch

Howdy!  Got to make this quick because am having internet problems.  This is a drawing I did of one of the Saibu no Akuma guest at the Bespoke exhibition.  I have been enjoying drawing based on photos and really practicing my blending using markers with real people.  I would like to see if the cards can take watercolours.  Only one way to find out. For other news..all the pages of my first book has been approved. Just down to foing the front cover and glossary now!

quick portrait

An older piece I forgot to post and a quick no pencil sketch of one of my urban sketcher friends.  Was a bit of fun to draw and I drew this while we were sitting in an outdoor bar and enjoying the company of all the other sketchers around us too.  Done with pens and markers.

Urban Sketching: Fitzroy GardensCook's Cootage

Cook's Cottage Conservatory Hi!  Was Urban Sketching with the sketchers today at Fitzroy Gardens.  It was lovely and I would have loved to have drawn inside the Conservatory but it was too crowded.  Inside is extremely pretty though.  Gorgeous flowers.  Today was a lot of fun and I thought I would change it up by not drawing in my regular long format book and no markers!  All watercolours today on my antique book!  I must say that I am running out of pages in my book and need to get a new one.  Or I could draw on normal paper for a while and not freak folks out on how am desecrating a book.  Yes, this book was printed in the 1930s, a proper antique but was all tatty already and I bought it specifically to draw on since the pages were pretty thick.  Now to find another book with thick pages again....or music sheets.  Been wanting to draw on old music sheets....

Otter Love

Finished Work in progress Original FB photo Hallo!  I needed a bit of a break today.  Been going at it really hard for the book and I've slowed down a bit today.  The good news is that am down to working on the last Chapter and all the roughs have been approve.  Hurrah!  Anyhoo, I thought I would draw my pretty friend Nadia!  She loves otters too so I made sure to incorporate it!  Was good fun and I always feel better after drawing my own thing.

52 Week Illustration Challenge Week 09: Texture

My entry to last weeks 52 week illustration challenge .  Hurrah! Am still keeping up with the illustration challenges.  This was a lot of fun to do and I did it over the weekend as a drawing to get me back into the groove.  Sometimes you do a lot of work illustrations and then I end up struggling to think creatively.  That's all sorted now though.  Yay! I am still working on my first 50 pager book.  Chapter 02 just got approved today and fingers crossed that Chapter 03 get's approved tomorrow and Chapter 04 on Friday.  That's the plan though but it looks like Monday or Tuesday next week will be more realistic.  I will start the second book next week though.  Pedal to the metal!  I don't have much time till I take some time off!

Close up of Artboy exhibition piece: DC vs Marvel

Lookie!  Another exhibition piece!  Or entry anyway.  This is for the Artboy Gallery current exhibition theme: DC vs Marvel.  Rob and I are both entering and hopefully we both get in.  Exhibition night is next week March 20.  Wheeeee!  Looking forward to it.  Been wanting to enter and Artboy themed exhibition for ages but something always seems to pop up.  Trying to concentrate on joining exhibitions and participating in more art challenges as much as I can!

An exhibition piece...more later

This is a close up shot of the actual piece.  I've got something to say about this piece but I don't think I can announce anything yet.  It is good news though!  Hurrah!  I actually did a sketchy version of this previously and that was before I thought of doing a better version for this exhibition.  she got some great feedback though so yay!

Book Illustration: Burma page

Hi!  One of the pages from the current book I am currently working on.  I only have 3 more roughs to go and a whole lot of images to colour.  Felt like colouring first instead of finishing the roughs.    Colour, colour, colour!  Insanity!  Really hoping to get this entire book done this week.  That's the plan anyway!!!

Unused concept art and Saibu no Akuma exhibition (Blurring the Lines of Bespoke)

Hi!  The first image is something I did for the Saibu no Akuma exhibition that didn't make it (it was suppose to go on a water bottle but alas there were printing issues).  The rest are photos taken from the exhibition by Migz!  some good stuff here.  I barely left the couch since I was drawing a lot of  people.  Was great fun!  Am still doing some now on the side when I have time! For other news...I can't find my fitbit anywhere!  I think it may have fallen off my wrist...gosh...I hope not.  I really liked that!

Fashion Study: Menswear (Saibu no Akuma)

Geoff Maleik Howdy!  I had some left over cards from the Saibu no Akuma exhibition and I told them to send me pictures of their crew and I will make sure to draw them best I can.  I must say that I need to get better at drawing dudes and colouring in the complexions of non-Caucasians is hard!!!  It's a real challenge.  I struggled a lot getting the shades right.  I used like 10 different pens on Geoff's complexion until it came close.  I didn't have the markers to get it exact an afraid!  Still, am going to keep trying and practicing and I might get good at this too.  If you guys haven't checked them out yet, you should!  Incidentally, I will be getting a shirt from these guys too with my Rabbit Town logo.  Yay!!!  I picked a very stand out combination.  Can't wait! Next, I have been dealing with copyright and trademark lawyers over the last few days for my Trademark name and logo (separate costs) and it has turned out to be much more costly when I

Cat Study: Smoo

Add caption I drew the family kitty last night based on some pics!  Here he is.  His name is "Smoo".  Pretty old cat now...,my sister got him in her mid -teens and she's in her mid-20s now. A silly kitty but a lot of kitties seem to be! I inked pretty much all of my chapter 03 drawings for the big book job am on and I have 5 more drawings to do.  Gonna try and nail all of that tomorrow!  Then there's a lot of scanning into Photoshop and colouring that needs doing.  I need to do the dishes's piling up!

Saibu no Akuma Exhibition: Blurring the lines of Bespoke

Hi!  So first of all, everyone needs to support Saibu no Akuma   and to check out their website and philosophy.  They are shirt tailors located in Melbourne and they do really cool stuff.  I met the guys from Saibu no Akuma when I was doing some urban sketching on my own at Fitzroy   last year.  You should check out their blog ! Some cool stuff in it, including me!  Anyway, they had their Kickstarter campaign and exhibition yesterday and I was doing live drawing there and here are the results!  I have never done this sort of thing before and it was very tiring and a lot of fun.  The whole concept was to draw people while they weren't looking but before long, people started requesting for drawings and suddenly there was a queue.  I was very lucky to have Rob there to tell me to take breaks and make sure I was still drinking since I because really flat out.  He even helped with one of the pieces when I was get