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Life drawing at a party 02

Hallo, hallo!  So I drew this on last Saturday's shindig with Rob's family.  This was one of the kids there.  I do like it when subjects keep still!

Today was work in the morning, chores and then some drawing!  Not a whole lot to report.  I am starting to make pieces I can exhibit today.  Sketched my first one tonight.  I should probably go ink it before putting on the watercolours!  My next file with the job am working on tomorrow is due to come in a few hours.

Game 42 Round 06: Relaxing by the fire

Hi!  Here's my new one for Kookyrabbit ! A few things happened I got another job for a few days at least, I finished a new design that's now on my Redbubble shop and I may have picked up some commission work too.  And here I was gearing up to take a break...I had all these ideas in my head that I wanted to design.  Oh well, least I got one out and yay for work!  I like work!

Mmm....had to cancel a bunch of social stuff tomorrow though, well, there's always next week!  I hope...never know if the sky will suddenly fall on our heads...

Game 42 Round 04: Singing by the Sea

Hi!  So...what's been happening?  Rob and I went to Rob's cousin's birthday gathering, I finished a small job today and I've been drawing.  A lot again.  Yay!  Looks like I'm going to have some indefinite downtime for the moment, so am going to concentrate on building up more designs for my Redbubble store and create originals that I can sell at other avenues.  Momentarily, a lot of my work is drawn in sketchbooks and so not really exhibition worthy.  I have also been scoping out other online stores.  I figured, that it was best to concentrate on creating designs first for one store and slowly build up to put the same designs on other stores that offer  different products to what Redbubble offers.  I do like Redbubble's set up though.  I might just open one other store and see how that goes...for my digital works mostly!

I drew the above image up for Kookyrabbit! Should spend some time drawing up a good's my turn tomorrow after all! 

What else...…

game 42 Round 02: Dance

Hi!  One for Kookyrabbit!  I actually didn't see the time and I got a few other things done before bed so I will need write more tomorrow!

Face Doodle: Mira

Hi! How is everything?  It was a busy (and rather expensive0 day yesterday.  Turns out that the grade in my eyes have gone up , so need new glasses and I picked some rather funky ones.  Hopefully they will arrive next week.  I also had to get so myotheraphy done and that's fixed the flexibility issues on my neck...due to the long hours of drawings I pulled over the last two weeks, hunched over.  Tehn, there was an art sale and I bought another batch of copics.  So close to having all 350 plus markers!  I am terrible.  You don't actually need all the colors but it's darn fun to have them all!  Rob and I also indulged on oysters last night.  Yum!

I've been drawing a lot of faces (again) and I came up with an idea for my Redbubble shop.  Let's see if I can pull it off!  I am also working on a few more things and am hoping to open more online stores, on different sites and see what pther products I can make! That said, it's hard enough maintaining one store...let …

Face Doodle: Cecilia

Hi!  I've been drawing faces again.  I keep losing count how many faces I have done this year.  Not a whole lot I think.  The name Cecilia stuck when I look at this one. I have another unfinished face doodle in my book too that I need to go and finish, I think!  Faces are really fun. .  Been veering off and changing my coloring now and going in a more colorful and unrealistic direction.

Today...I just worked on my kookyrabbit entry for tomorrow, followed up work, more social media, started a new painting (not turning out the way I want though) and I think am going to finish my unfinished face doodle now.

Seeing a Myotheraphist for my shoulders tomorrow.  A massage is what I need.  Gotta look after these drawing muscles!


Hi!  How goes it? I was working on this mostly today, doing some social media, following up with some clients, applying for an exhibition, updating some works on my Redubble shop that now includes this!  The Macaques were suggested by a friend of mine, who just came back from Taiwan recently.

I guess while am on a downtime, this is now a good time to draw some of my ideas and to update my sites...maybe join a few other selling ones!

Game 41 Round 09: Keep Clean

Hi!  Oh my goodness!  It has been a very, very busy two weeks.  Commuting from work , getting up at 5:30 am and it was a tough-ish job all contributed to me just not wanting to look at a computer after work.  That, and my first week on the job I had an illustration gig I had to do after hours.  That was really trying.  The job finished yesterday!  Earlier than expected and here I am blogging again today!  I was also working on an illustration I started last week and managed to finish this piece tonight too.  Yay!  All done.  I have been getting headaches though.  Muscle tightness I expect.  I will need to book in a myotherapy session soon. 

Currently, I guess am doing my own thing until the next job!

Bunny Blue

Hi!  How are things going?  This was the last drawing I did for my Redbubble shop.  I got pretty busy after that.  There's always too much to do! I got work again tomorrow and need to get more drawing done before the night ends so I need to dash!  Enjoy these bunnies!

Macaque work in progress

Hi!  Wow...this week has been super busy that I haven't been able to post for a while.  I started working on this piece about Tuesday and was working on this before hours and sometimes during lunch. This is what it currently looks like.  I'll be making quite a few changes in Photoshop.  I am currently working in a studio and animating on a commercial that is combined with live action.  My first one yet!  It's been great but busy.  Studio work does take a bit out of me and I was working on another job for a couple of hours most of the nights this week too.  I was working on my story book job today and fingers crossed that I finish it tomorrow.  Here's hoping!  I am going to complete another page tonight, that should solidify my chances!

We also went to a very lovely pub today in the country.  It was in a "blink and you miss it" town and we really liked it!  More visits from us in the future, I think.

Game 41 Round 07: Just Another Day

No time to chat!  I actually drew this at lunch for my Kookyrabbit turn tonight.  I have to go to bed now..working early tomorrow and I have to work nights too until I get an illustration job done....eep!

Game 41 Round 05:Scented Toucan

Hi!  I totally rushed this for Kookyrabbit yesterday.  I have a lot of work on my plate at the moment so am afraid I've had to put  aside fun stuff.  I'm already out of energy after doing drawing jobs.  It's my turn again again tomorrow...I wonder when and how I can draw it.

Anyway...not much to say.  I just worked all day today.  I am making a Laksa first one.  So maybe I better go check on that...

Game 41 Round 03: The Fake

Hallo, hallo!  We're continuing on with the movie poster theme on Kookyrabbit.  This is what i submitted yesterday.  I am currently working on an e-book and it's my most rendered one yet.  Taking a while to do for that reason.  A pretty dull day today cos that's pretty much all I did.  I also got groceries.

Game 41 Round 01: A shade to remember

Ugh...this image...not too happy about it at all.  This round of Kookyrabbit evolves around a Movie Poster theme and I suck at Typography.  I really need to study or take a course in it but am really not that interested in Graphic Design.  I just want to illustrate and let someone else do the type. It's good to try something different, nontheless though and get out of ones comfort zone.

Today, I submitted work, bought some supplies from the city and we had a Mexican dinner night out.  Tomorrow, I concentrate on my toddler e-book job!  I want it all submitted by Sunday.

Doughnuts from doughboy!

Hi!  My friend Evelyn was in need of some doughnuts yesterday so I bought her some from Doughboy!  They have some mighty tasty doughnuts.  Yesterday was spent in Port Melbourne, drawing, chilling and having a good time together.  You need to be able to do that with friends I think.  Reconnect.  I am thinking of making a print of the doughnut drawings.  I think I need to draw more.  I like the 4 I did at the bottom and the half-eaten one.  There's something almost vintage looking about this style.

Today, I finished an animation job, some social media-in and did a little bit of work on my book job.  Friday is going to be the day I concentrate on that gig, though.  Tomorrow, i submit the animation gig.  Hopefully it all goes smoothly!

Teapot Mermaid

Hallo, hallo!  Here's My teapot mermaid!  Prints and stuff are available on my Redbubble store!  I revised her from one of my older pieces and decided to revamp her a bit!

A good day today, hanging out with a friend at her place and having girl talk and such.  Also eating doughnuts!   Anyhoo, a day of work tomorrow!

Game 40 Round 10: CD Suit

Howdy!  I just finished this one and Game 40 for Kookyrabbit is done!  I submitted and finish some animation work today, finished another Redbubble piece and trying to sort out stuff for next week.  Tomorrow, is going to be more of a drawing day I think and then I need to finish one more chunk of animation work on Wednesday, submission on Thursday, Friday and the weekend is all about getting illustration work done.  Busy, busy, busy!  There is catching up with friends and family among all that as well!