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Animation Job: 2016 BMW Caulfield Cup Carnival

Photo by Dom Bartolo Hi!!!  I just realized today that I haven't posted about this job!  Check it out on the Flutter site!  This was a lot of fun to work on, I did have some trouble with the water but hey, what are jobs without some challenges?  It's always good fun working with the Flutter folks! Speaking of jobs, finished another page on the book I am working on and inked a few more pages.  All done digitally.  I may have even sorted out a gig for October.  We shall see how that goes!

Game 44 Round 08: Flight of Venus

Hallo!  Some good news, the commissioned job has been approved, the style for my dnio book has been approved and I finished my tumblr post.  Yay!  Didn't get a whole lot done for the Dino book today but I made some progress, so all good!  Not every day is a super duper drawing day. Mmmmm...I think if I have a bit more chill out time, I'll get back into a proper working groove!  Need to draw something for me I think since it's something I've been craving to do.  Might do that tonight I think! 

Face Doodle: Amethyst

Hallo!  I spent the day trying to get the "look" for my dino toddler book and I finished the commission job (still waiting on client feedback).   I also did laundry...whee!  I don't know where the time went though.  I feel like I didn't even accomplish that much! I drew this almost a month ago....just posting it up now!
Hallo, hallo!  Here's one that's pretty much an oldie now!  I've been rather busy today drawing my dino toddler book.  I still have to ask permission if I can put up some of the work in progress shots before doing so.  I think it's going to be a super cuuute e-book. 

Game 44 Round 06: Azaleas's been a very busy few days, like really busy.  We had a party at our place last night, was great to see a lot of folks having fun and quite a few friends from afar made it here.  A very good night indeed!  We have enough food to last us the Apocalypse though.  I bought waaaaay too much supplies.  We have party supplies for the next 3-4 years I think. Well...least it doesn't go bad!  I would like to thank my parents for taking me to Costco to get the stuff.  Rob and I are well and truly supplied for at least a month. Tomorrow is back to work!  All illustration stuff so am looking forward to it!

Game 44 Round 02: Venus and the Sardine Constellation

Hi!  A quick drawing today for Kookyrabbit !  I've been running around cleaning the house, baking, laundry...all the fun stuff :P.  It's been good fun rearranging things though. Anyhoo, I have something baking right now and I better get back to it!

Game 43 Round 09: By the River

Hi!  How goes it?  Sorry, it's been a while since I last wrote.  Things have been super busy.  Last week, I was on a really big job that took a couple of 12 hour days to get done.  I was also staying over at a friends for the duration of the job just because it was more convenient for me to do so.  Saturday was a chill out day and yesterday involved catching up on chores and planning for a party this coming weekend.  Still quite a few things to do but we're getting there. I was doing chores this morning, paying bills, sending off emails and now am about to finish folding some clothes and work on a commissioned piece.  Same one I got hired for a couple of weeks ago.  Got to sort it out now!  Hopefully, I get some time just to draw my own stuff or even just do some practice fun.  I haven't had a lot of time to do that. The image above is currently unfinished and was for Kookyrabbit.  I have quite a few unfinished pieces in the house right now.  Just not enough time in

Game 43 Round 07: A Little Stroll

Hi!  Well, this will be my last post for a while.  The next few days will be very long and rather tough to get through the current project.  Fingers crossed that it all turns out well.  After this project, I think am going to concentrate just doing my own art for a little while until the next big project comes up. The picture above was for kookyrabbit .

Game 43 Round 05: An Important Read

Hi!  This drawing was for Kookyrabbit.  It's actually still unfinished since I've actually started coloring it in Photoshop.  I didn't get it done on time on the day though.  I can take my time on it now though. I start work again at a studio tomorrow, on an exciting project.  It's a real quick turnaround so it's going to be a very busy few days.  Other than that...nothing else to report.  The commission job I am working on, the line work got approved today.  Here's hoping I have time to color it over the next few days....doubtful though.

Face Doodle: Ivy

Hi!  This is a drawing I did last month...I just haven't posted it!  I have a little bit of a backlog of drawings which is good,  I don't like my chances for doing anything new next week.  It is gonna be busy!  Today, I worked on my commission job (Not done yet at all! A lot of detail) and a new post for Kookyrabbit which I technically didn't finish either.  It's suppose to be colored but I didn't.  I've been drawing for the whole day and I didn't finish anything.  Meh.  The stuff am doing is looking pretty good though!  It will be great to show it once it's all done!

Face Doodle: Scarlet

Hi!  Drew this one a couple of weeks back when I had time after work.  I spent today sorting out a draft for a commissioned piece and working on a design my Dad suggested that can go in my Redbubble shop.  It's almost there!  I won't have time to do any of my own drawings next week while am working in-house.  I'll try to do some quick ones here and there any way!  Tomorrow, I want to finish this design am working on, the clean linework for my commission job and Kookyrabbit cos it's my turn!  Draw, draw, draw!

Game 43 Round 03: Giant Hippo in the Lake

Hi!  Sorry I haven't written lately!  I've actually been drawing a lot and away from the computer so I haven't felt like posting.  This is my finished piece for today! I am not quite happy with it though and it took hours to do!  I'm not even sure why...but am not pleased.  I like the birds.  I think I want to do another one with just the birds.  These are grey crowned cranes.  Beautiful, aren't they?  This was for Kookyrabbit . I have another two pieces am working on and I just sent the rough for a commission job to a client.  Then next week, I will be on an exciting but very, very fast paced project.  Expect silence or a lot of stress.

Happy Fathers Day 2016!

Hi!  This is an animal my dad was requesting, a Wolverine.  I put mine in a sort of Samurai inspired armor as my dad likes Japanese culture as well.  This image is actually part of a bigger piece but it's not done yet so no showing!  It's Fathers Day in Australia today, so I would like to wish my dad a HAPPY FATHERS DAY! We went out and celebrated on Friday.  It was a very good night.  My family and I tend to dinners as a catch up and it's always fun to look forward to the next one!

Game 42 Round 10: Beach Day!

Hi!  What's been happening?  This is my post for Kookyrabbit and just wanting to chill for the rest of the night.  Longer post tomorrow!

Game 42 Round 08: Bloody Mary Time!

Bloody Marys is one of my favourite drinks.  I order it in a lot of places that i go to.  Hard to get right though.  Too thick and it's like drinking tomato soup through a straw, too spicy and it burns, too mild and I just go..meh!  Love the drink though! Today was just me working, drawing this and vacuuming the house...nothing else to report am afraid! Day off tomorrow.  Catching up with friends and seeing my family.  Should be a good day!