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Red Robins

Hallo!  Ah....another month has passed and it's taken me a very long time to write.  I don't know what it is but I am struggling to keep this blog up to date at the moment.  Things have been super busy ever since I took the Animation Supervisor role in my current contract.  I find that I don't particularly enjoy turning on the computer after work and would prefer to just read comics to relax. How am I finding it?  Different.  I miss just being responsible for myself and it's tiring keeping track of a lot of things and people at work.  I feel like I took my lead/senior animator role for granted.  I had to work this Saturday gone past too and though I feel pleased that we managed to resolve an issue that came up, am still feeling some trepidation on what may come up next.  It feels like am solving one problem after another.  Not without raging about it and my expletives have gotten even more colorful since starting the gig. I have been spending way too much money t

Inktober 2017: Betty Blueberry and life and stuff's been a while since I last wrote.  Close to a month!  I have been doing Inktober this month but I am not very far behind and have run out of imagination, it would seem.  I was attempting to do a theme of "fruity witches" and hiding a bunny in the picture.  Can you spot it?  I may have to call it quits though, am exhausted! I haven't started my first week as an Animation Supervisor in a current studio job,  and though I am enjoying it, I do find it challenging.  There is a lot to think of and keep track and the real work hasn't really started yet, in my opinion, this is just a warm up.  I am sadly finding that I can't seem to do much drawing when I get home.  The increased workload, on top of the travel time, is making it a tad difficult for me to remain productive at the end and am also answering any emails that came about while I was traveling to go home since I leave before every one else does.    What else has been happening...I've been

Mech Hummingbird: 002

Hallo, hallo!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Quite a few things has been happening but mostly all work still!  I was helping and arranging my boyfriend's birthday party, a lot of work has been happening, am taking a break from the hummingbirds for now and Inktober is coming.  I wonder if I should just do face.  It's very much my go to.  That said...I find that it's not very popular, in comparison to my animals anyway.  I find it to be a bit of a shame.  I wonder why it doesn't appeal to the masses?  Maybe I should try and make it more stylize?  I don't really know. I can't believe that it's almost October.  The year is flying past! Things have been busy.  I would love to spend some time just developing myself though and I wonder if I can ever do that while working.

Shopkins World Vacation

Hi!  This trailer has been up for some time now but I haven't had a chance to write about it.  This was the project I was working on earlier this year, I was part of the production team as an animator and designer in this production. The screen cap is one of the shots I animated.  A lot of fun.  Please click on the picture or this LINK for the full trailer.  Shopkins is a Moose Toy product and this film was animated at Studio Moshi .   It was a lot of fun to work on but like all productions, had its trials.  It was a very good team to work with and I made more new friends and that is always a good thing. If there is something that I can claim is all mine, it would be all the shading and highlights on the hair and accessories of the Shoppies (human girl characters). I am currently at Studio Moshi working on another project.  Not too sure if am allowed to say much about it just yet but it's another animated film and I might possibly be moved on to a TV series at some poin

Mecha Hummingbird 001 and the start...

Hi!  How goes it?  Things have been busy as usual.  I finished a big illustration job on top of full-time work and I still have one more job to do after hours and I am super lucky that the deadlines for my freelance work have been non-specified for the most part.  I don't like delaying it for too long though, as much as possible. I have also started the Design 100 something challenge inspire by Jake Parker .  Check out the videos.  The challenge, itself, is an old one but I've been meaning to do it for a long time now and I thought that this would be a good thing to do while I am working full-time.  I am hoping I can make a book or at least make exhibition pieces out of this. I have drawn up 9 so far and I've uploaded the black and white line work on facebook and instagram but from hereon, I will be skipping some numbers and perhaps do a smaller res of 10 at a time. Got to keep some things unseen! Or should I?  I also want to color them all too and try different thin

Hobart Sketch Trip: Journal Entry 05

Hi!  Well, this is the last page of my journal entries from my Hobart trip.  It's been a while since that trip and this is  my favourite drawing out of the lot.  Cute dead baby penguins. I should post the urban sketches I did.  I never got around to coloring them though. For news...I got my hair done, finally.  It's only been 8 months or so.  I feel a lot less scraggly now. I finished 2 freelance jobs and am still working on two other.  My contract for a TV series job I will be working on for a year starts tomorrow.  I am filled with trepidation though as I will have more responsibilities than normal.  Nothing I haven't done before but I guess cos I have done it before that I know I don't particularly enjoy being in charge of other people.  I prefer to do just my own work and go home, we shall see how I go and discuss if it really isn't my cup of tea. I have also started drawing my steampunk fish and may even do birds soon.  I am still rather weak drawing mech

Hobart Sketch Trip: Journal Entries 04

Hi!  It's been a while since I last wrote, can't say anything exciting has happened since I last posted.  Finished the last project at the studio but still waiting until it is released to say anything about it.  I am also starting another TV series job on Monday, though again, I'll be leaving the name out until I get permission from the studio to talk about it.  Not that I can say much until it's released, yet again.  I also finished another e-book job recently and still have another one to go.  I will need to start the designs either tomorrow or tonight.  In fact, this week has been a bit of catch up week on freelance for me since I've taken the week off from my current studio and will hopefully be recharged enough to last till my next break which will be in December, during the Christmas period.  At least it will be a longer one! Hehehe. sorry to be so vague about what I've been doing, that's the problem with working on projects that are not my

Hobart Sketch Trip: Journal Entry 03's been a while since I last wrote!  Almost two weeks, in fact, sorry about that!  Though until I get to work from home more and not always in the studio, it's going to be this way for a bit.  The current project we're working on right now is almost finish, yay!  It's great to have work but it's also awesome when it's done and we can all see the results and have it sent out to the wild and I don't have to keep it under wraps any more!  Not that it matters too much, since most animation studios all seem to know what the others are working on but it's not wise to announce stuff in public yet. I drew the drawing above ages ago!  While I was in Hobart.  Needless to say...I haven't done a whole lot of my own drawings after the trip.  I remember drawing this in the freezing cold as this was a bronze statue on the wharf. What's been happening...working.  We're down to the nitty gritty for the current animation project at the studio.

Hobart Sketch Trip: Journal Entries 02

Hi!  Ah dear...I know, am suppose to write daily but alas, writing after hours is not a priority at the moment. I've been sorting out finances, priorities in regards to my art and where I want to be and the direction I want to head in, along with freelance work and trying to edit older work to put up on my Redbubble Store.  I am still going to the studio too since I can't work from home at the moment since my tasks changes daily.  The sketches above are from my journal, about when I was in Tasmania.  It feels so long ago now and it was just last week!  Just wanted to thank everyone who reads my blog for their support and am sorry I've been super sporadic!

Hobart Sketch Trip: Journal Entries 01

Hi!  I was away for a sketching trip in Hobart, Tasmania.  My companions were Evelyn, Janice and Angela.  The pictures above are my journal entries on the first day!  Mostly food, that I can draw.  We left super early in the morning, had breakfast at Brunetti's at the airport, before our flight.  Once we landed, we headed straight to MONA, an awesome museum.  I found that their current exhibition: Museum of Everything , to be quite inspiring.  I got a few ideas, for my own work, at that place. When we arrived in the city, at our BnB, there was a mom and pop run sweet shop and it was still open when we arrived.  We ended up buying a few sweet things to eat and draw.  Afterwards, we went out to dinner at Fish Frenzy. Lovely place and I discovered mulled ciders.  Yum! Today, am back at work and we're all trying to fine tune shots now and pick up continuity errors.  I wonder if I will get a break in-between productions?  I need to get work done on an e-book job too. 

Urban Sketching: Hardimans in Kensington

Hi!  How is everyone tonight?  I went sketching with the Melbourne Urban Sketchers on Saturday and it was a lot of fun!  The photo below the drawing was taken by Angela Williams, who organized the event.  I used to live around this area and it's a familiar place where many things have stayed the same and which one of my normal haunts have disappeared.  There used to be a really nice bar in this area but it changed into a burger joint.  I wasn't too happy about that and I wish I drew the place when I had the chance since it was super quirky and interesting.  I also wish I tried all their cocktails... I drew the Hardimans and I was informed that the place has been sold and will soon be a Beer Deluxe in the near future. I am glad that I managed to draw it before it became that then.  Like a little piece of history in a drawing.  It was done with fine liners, no pencils and colored with copics. I have been a bit stressed, trying to get everything done at work before m

Urban Sketching: Studley Park Boat House and Abbotsford Convent

 Hi!  It's been a while since I posted, I know.  This one is rather late since I was at this location last Saturday.  It was a lot of fun, walking, sketching and being outdoors in general.  I haven't been able to draw as much lately.  Probably only once a week.  I've been working at nights and on Sundays to get all my work done for the current project am working on.  It's been very tiring but the project is looking really good and it will be something that I will be proud to say that I was a part of.  Now...we just need to finish it and we can then enjoy the rewards (and the freedom) from it. For other news, I am heading to Tasmania soon for a 4 day sketching trip! I am really looking forward to it.  I had to buy some fingerless gloves and wash all my winter apparel so I am warm while sketching!  Fingers crossed that it isn't raining...otherwise, it will all be interior drawings! Okay...not long now till the day...where I can spend some time just drawin

Package Design Study: Knoppers

Hi!  I drew this last week! Package designs are fun.  There is also a time lapse video of this that can be found on my facebook page ! Video Link here !  I like these and they can be bought at ALDI! I have not been able to do much except work at the moment.  This weekend, I had fun Friday night after work with my boyfriend and then some Urban Sketching on Saturday.  My Sunday and Monday (today being a public holiday) was working.  I got a lot done and I should be in a good position tomorrow. I am looking forward to having a break, it's been a while since my last breather.  That said, this project is something I can definitely be proud of when it's all finish!

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Central on Swanston Street

Hi!  I went out with the Melbourne Urban Sketchers last weekend.  A very fun day and the photos above are by Erik Sentell. I've been working on making a new album for all my Urban Sketches and it's taking a while since I have to hand sew plastic to make the divisions.  Hard to explain, I'll need to take photos or a video of what am doing!  A busy week this week with work.

Urban Sketching: Kilmore Library

Hallo!  Drew this on the weekend! I've got the Urban Sketching bug again, wheee!  I would really like to take a month off between jobs just to draw and practice, really.  I am hoping to get my chance soon..or at least to be able to evenly divide my time between work and drawing for fun! Well, a hard week this week, just trying to get stuff done for my main job!  Freelance has been rather on and off, but probably for the best since my main job is rather busy!  It's also nice to have some free time after hours...hard not to burn out,that's for sure!  Still, I better not lapse too much, I still would like to be working once my contract ends!

Urban Sketching: Naked for Satan

Hi!  This is a drawing of the bar at Naked for Satan !  Had a sketch meet here last week.  It's been a super long time since I last did any Urban Sketching.  I am glad to be feeling the urge once again though!  There is so much to draw everywhere and anywhere.  I unfortunately lost the urge for Mermay.  A pity, I was doing so well too.  Oh well. I celebrated my mom's birthday, parents anniversary and a friend's surprise party this weekend past, did a lot of shopping too (parents bought me stuff for my birthday) and spent most of today chilling out.  This week is looking to be busy, once again and I ave to write some work emails times as a contractor/freelancer

Mermay 18-20

 Hi!  More mermaids!  I don't really have a lot to say today not much has been happening!  Back at the studio animating, was a bit of a hard day today but the hard bits are done so I just have to power through tomorrow.  A freelance job has been delayed so am taking this time to try and get ahead on chores and my full-time job.  Mmm....that's all for now!  I want to do a bit more work before the night ends!  Some animation fixes.  Wheeeee!  I better level up with animation after this project....

Mermay 14-17

Hi!  A big day of shopping today which was a lot of fun...though a lot of money spent though!  I just bought a few things in Daiso to organize things around the house and more food for the "pushkin". Not so productive for work today but I do have all week to be productive, I guess. No other news really.  I might be doing other freelance work after hours this week, we shall see and looking forward to a few upcoming social events!

Mermay 10-13

Hallo!  A somewhat busy day with animating footage today.  Should be all sorted some time tomorrow, I think.  I was a bit slow today, I woke up with a nasty headache this morning.  Perhaps it was my sleeping posture? News: am probably going to start a new illustration gig, after hours from Monday, lots of parties and shindigs next week and hoping to extend my animation footage credit.  I have been feeling a bit flat though.  Hopefully that changes soon!  Perhaps some shopping will perk me up? The two mermaids on top did well on social media, the selfie one not so much (I wonder why?) and the green one did okay.  Am never sure how things work.  I am now off to do a mermaid for tonight!  Perhaps I will do more work later too.  Maybe.

Mermay 08-09

Hallo! How is everything going? Today I more or less finished a really hard shot!  More or less means I probably need to add in the finer details like blinks and any additions I can see. The Koi mermaids here were very popular on social media and I actually want to do a big piece with a lot of them.  We shall see how that goes!  I do love drawing up detailed pieces! Not much else to report, using my slow cooker for the first time today.  It won't be ready (dinner) for a few hours yet.  Looking forward to it!

Mermay 05-07

Hi! How goes it?  Not much news since Sunday.  I am currently animating from home and it has been good, though I do miss social interaction and immediate feedback fro me shots.  Not that it matters much at the moment since the shot am working on has been rather difficult.  I won't be finished until tomorrow, most likely.  It is nice to take a break whenever I like though and still remain productive. I am still behind my mermaids!  I was going to get on top of that today but after finishing another section of this shot, I opted to take a bit of a rest because of a headache.  I am debating whether or not I should animate more tonight.  Perhaps some of the more simple actions...after some mermaids! The hugging clownfish mermaid above and the pajama cardinal mermaid at the bottom, were pretty popular on social media...I like my bookworm mermaid though.  I am hoping to make some of these into shirts on Redbubble.  Would need a bit of editing and additions on Photoshop though s

Mermay 01-04

Hi!  This daily blog is becoming more of a weekly blog, sorry about that!  Things are just super busy and after a day of animating in a studio, in front of the computer, am really not that keen to get back in front of a screen. I will try to post more regularly though.  However, just because am not blogging daily, doesn't mean am not drawing daily.  I've been participating on Mermay since the start of this month.  I'll be two days behind if I don't draw something today though!  It was a bit busy, I was working on a rather difficult shot today and though I haven't finished it, all the hard bits are done!  Yay! For some news, my kitty is getting bigger and is still very active and curious,  My parents came to visit and we celebrated an advance Mothers Day dinner and next week is very big for social events.  So many birthdays back to back.  I may also have a packaging design job...more on that if it comes to fruition!  Oh, the computer updated itself and seems

Illustrator Australia: Paper to Pixel exhibition

Hi!  The Paper to Pixel exhibition, hosted by Illustrator Australia , was last Friday.  It was a great exhibition.  Very cool seeing all the other submissions too and rather inspiring as well. There are bunnies hidden in the piece.  I wonder if people spotted them?  Hanzo, our kitty, made it in the piece too! What has been happening?  Well, I am currently in my pajamas, sharing the chair with my kitty and just submitted a freelance job.  Things at work is super busy, my computer has new specs but it's now looking like that I will need to update my cintique as well since it may now be too old for the new system.  Ah well.  It's do-able at the moment but not ideal. Now...time for some food and more mermaid drawings!  I've been participating with drawing a mermaid every month for the month of May for Mermay.  I still have to draw one for today!

Lucky Cats 014-018

Hi!  How goes it?  More of my lucky cat collection. This is all that I've drawn up, currently.  I do still have a few more to draw but haven't had the chance yet. I am currently sick.  Yup...still recovering from a fever with cough and cold thrown in.  Am a delightfully diseased snot-filled plague bringer right now....that said, I should be fine after resting for another day tomorrow! What's been happening?  Well, I've animated my first few scenes for this big animation gig I am currently on and I will be freelancing after hours for the same company (and project) doing "stuff" for it, this week and possibly a bit of next week as well, can't say much for the moment, am afraid.  Then I have freelance work for a history book (easy stuff) and I might possibly have a "product design" illustration gig.  We shall see once details are discussed. Caught up with some friends, got a few events this weekend and still keeping up with my Japanes

Lucky Cats 010-013

Hi!  It's been a while, huh?  I haven't been posting much because I've been very busy lately working on a rather large project. It's been great, I've expanded my skill set and I am enjoying the work.  I am not enjoying the early morning wake-up though.  I drew these lucky cats last month.  I haven't drawn the last few that I own, [perhaps in the next few days. Currently, working full-time, finished a freelance e-book job and have another illustration job to do as well.  I am catching up with friends tomorrow night for dinner and staying over a good friend's house.  I'll be meeting her cat too! I have been refreshing my Japanese, using an app on my phone called " memrise ".  I would recommend it. They offer other languages too!  I've been studying on the train, car and before bed.  I sleep in-between all that too.  Now, for some iffy news, I seem to be coming down with something.  I hope it eases up soon! Off to bed, going to stu