Urban Sketching: Studley Park Boat House and Abbotsford Convent

Package Design Study: Knoppers

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Central on Swanston Street

Urban Sketching: Kilmore Library

Urban Sketching: Naked for Satan

Mermay 18-20

Mermay 14-17

Mermay 10-13

Mermay 08-09

Mermay 05-07

Mermay 01-04

Illustrator Australia: Paper to Pixel exhibition

Lucky Cats 014-018

Lucky Cats 010-013

Lucky Cats 005-009

Lucky Cats 001-004

Face Studies

Figure Drawing practice from photos

Face doodle backlog

People sketching

Red Forest Jewel

Catobot 03

Catobot 02

Catobot 01

Violet Humpbacks