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Figure Drawing practice from photos

Face doodle backlog

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Red Forest Jewel

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Violet Humpbacks

My art on a stranger

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Red Bunnylopes

Food Doodle: Lindt Chocolate Bugs and Bees

Food Doodle: Honey Cheese Sponge

Face Doodle: Yasmin

Art Diary: Humble Rays

Art Diary: Jumping Spider

Art Diary: Schleich Ostrich

Art Diary: Glass Bird

Art Journal: Schleich Bear


Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 10: Tag

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 08: Expectantly Waiting

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 06: Throw Pillow Bonanza

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 04: Walrus Travels

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 02: The Adventure Begins

Kookyrabbit: Game 49 Round 07: The Dance

Art Diary: Blue Sea Slug

Melbourne Urban Sketching: Chinese New Year