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Art Diary: Blue Sea Slug

Hi!  A drawing I did earlier this year for kookyrabbit Zig brush pens are very very nice.  I got a huge set as a birthday present from my sister.  Nothing to report really. Work, sorting out some stuff there tomorrow...see how that goes and I have a couple of commissions and freelance that I really need to get onto ASAP!

Melbourne Urban Sketching: Chinese New Year

 Hi!  It was the first Urban Sketch for the year last Saturday.  It was great fun and am a bit rusty.  Been a long time since I last Urban Sketched and it was good to do it again.  Group photos by Erik Sentell.  It was great to catch up with everyone! Hmm...not much to report.  I discovered a dead fish on the floor this afternoon.  It was alive and healthy yesterday and he must have jumped out  earlier today or last night.... not happy about that. Never fun losing a pet.  Ah well, not much I can do now. Not much else...I have a few things in the works but nothing to say about those yet! 

Tasmanian Honey

Hallo, hallo!  I had this for breakfast today and I must say, it is very nice honey.  I tried their honey candy products while I was in Tasmania too and I would like to buy more when I go back to visit, with a drawing group, later this year.  I think it will be great and am looking forward to it! Mmm.....other than that, not much to report.  We worked on our deck today and it's looking very nice and I did some work.  Need to do a whole lot more tomorrow though.

Gouldian Finches

Hallo!  How is everything?  Mmm...not much to report today.  Chilled out and slept, mostly. Thinking about a few things and wondering what I should do, exactly. I drew this a few days ago.  Totally rushed it too...I need to go back and put some nice details in. Mmm...not much else to say.  A big weekend coming up of catching up and drawing and friends!

Kookyrabbit Game 48 Round 10: Much Fancy

Hallo, hallo!  How goes it? This is one of the pieces I did for Kookyrabbit that I am pretty [pleased about.  I tend to rush a lot of my kookyrabbit sketches.  Sometimes am just uninspired to draw that particular subject and sometimes I have more pressing drawings to do or something else has my attention.  I may need to do a project of before and afters where I re-do/re-make an old kookyrabbit drawing. This is the drawing that inspired me to buy guppies for my tank last weekend!  It's nice to have fish again. Other than that...not much else to report!

Kookyrabbit Game 48 Round 08: The Pungi Magicians

Hi! How goes it?  The picture above was for kookyrabbit, done traditionally and edited digitally. Mmm...not a whole lot of news, spent most of today working, my fish tank has fish again and is looking rather spiffy and we'll be sorting out our deck shortly at home.  Other than that...not a whole lot to report am afraid!

Kookyrabbit: Game 48 Round 06: Pungi Player

Hi!  So Kookyrabbit has started up again!  Here is one of the first entries for the year.  Still very hit and miss in terms of quality since I have to rush stuff sometimes to get it done.  Happy with this fun little thing though! Bad things happened in Melbourne today.  A terrible tragedy.  I didn't go to the city today and spent the day at home working and doing chores.  A lucky thing for me but a lot of other people weren't as lucky. Wishing all those involved my condolences.

Art Diary: Rice Bubbles and Oysters

Some of my food drawings while in Tasmania!  I haven't had cereal in years and it was offered in the cabin we were staying at.  I also ate lots and lots and lots of oysters while I was there.  Got a little seafooded out, admittedly.  Not much to report today. It was all about work and scheduling social events and what I can and cannot make it to.

Art Diary: Seahorse

Hallo!  How goes it?  I spent pretty much all of today, holed in my study with the portable air conditioner, and animating and drawing.  Got a lot of stuff done with work today.  I am going to spend the rest of the day drawing some Gouldian Finches.  See if I can submit it tonight for the 52 week illustration theme. This drawing was inspired by my trip to Seahorse World, with Rob, in Tasmania!

Art Diary: Sea Turtles

 Hi!  This is a sea turtle souvenir that Rob bought for me in Tasmania at Sea Horse World.  A great place to visit.  I miss Tasmania.  I want to go back and do fun stuff already. How goes it?  Not a whole lot to report today since I spent it working.  I did pretty well though so am happy.  I might do more tonight after spending some time drawing an Ostrich.  I have an Ostrich that needs drawing.  I also want to just spend some time reading anime.  It's relaxing!

Art Diary: D' Anvers Chocolate Factory/Cafe

Hi!  One of the few food drawings I managed to do while in Tasmania.  I really liked this place and would love to come back the next time I visit Tasmania.  Delicious croissant and cinnamon hot chocolate.  This was also my very first drawing for 2017. A bit of a chore day today and just about to start doing some work.  We're going to a party tonight so I guess I'll stop when it's time to get ready.  Not much else to report for now!

Art Diary: Seagulls

Hi! Here's my very last drawing in 2016!  I drew this up while I was in Tasmania at a hotel room.  I didn't get a lot of chance to draw while out and about on holiday.  We saw a lot of gulls and what might have been an Albatross, while on the Spirit of Tasmania. My goodness, the holiday feels so long ago now.  I feel like I've been back to work forever.  Probably cos I hit the ground running pretty quickly.  I even finished an e-book on top of full-time work and the animation am working on is going well too. It was a very good day, work-wise.  I got what I wanted done, done.  I am hoping to sort out the second scene on a day this weekend since I was doing something else yesterday.   Fingers crossed!  I work better when am at home but it's good to have a balance of being at the studio and socializing while working and working at home and managing my own time. Tonight, after cooking some dinner, I think am just going to relax and draw some Schleich animals.  I bou

Drawings over Christmas 2016

Hallo!  These are drawings I did over Christmas at my parents place.  I did draw the gingerbread Santa before going to theirs though. A good day at work today.  Animated quite a bit, saw a friend and gearing up to do more work tomorrow and some drawing too!  I didn't do much drawing at all today.  Tired.  I should try and color a piece am working on before bed!

Food and toys

More drawings from my sketchbook towards the end of 2016!  Not much to report today except that work is well and truly busy now and I have lots to do with jobs and side projects, along with practicing! Getting ready for bed to start the day tomorrow!

Some food and trinkets

Hi! How is everyone going today?  Here are some more stuff from my sketchbook! Yup, got quite a lot of sketches backlogged.   Which is good since I started doing more detailed pieces again.  First day back at work and I got a few things done on my list and looking forward to starting a completely new animation tomorrow with the new process. I also got feedback back for my e-book gig and it's all good to go too.  I'll be coloring it up this week or weekend.  I am working on another drawing tonight...but I don't like my chances of finishing it.

Some advent Calendar entries!

So hot!  I hate Summer!  Anyway, am continuing on in putting up the last batch of drawings I did in 2016 (in 3s).  I was doing some advent calendar sketches and here are some of them! Submitted the black and white version of a book job (will hopefully get feedback this week) and am starting work again tomorrow. Wheee! I don't mind work but am not that keen to travel back and forth.  It will be good to catch up with some work friends though. Mmm....not much else to report.  Doing another drawing and am hoping to finish the inking tonight.

Greeting Cards drawn in 2016

Hi!  Whoops!  A little late and I haven't posted these. My bad. Anyway, these are all of them! I haven't had a chance to post up any of my 2017 drawings yet.  Oh well. I am wondering if I should change my blog set up...just for a change, you know! Today is super hot, we have shopping to do and a birthday party to attend later and am hoping to work on my book job when it cools down tonight.

Food drawings and long time no write!

Hi!  Sorry about the super late post!  Things got really busy and I went away on a trip with my partner and so posting became very erratic.  It's also pretty hot at the moment (Summer where I am) and I don't particularly like being near the computer when it's hot. I will be catching up on posts now.  Here are some food drawings I did towards the end of last year!  I do enjoy drawing up food! I am currently scanning high res copies of my current drawings.  I am going to try to post and keep track of things this year!  Maybe do a monthly inventory of drawings/projects done and general summary of stuff. I am not so sure about resolutions this year.  Save money, get fit, update social media accounts...just about it really!  Don't really want to over extend myself this year.  I want everything I have done backed up.  Cook more...mmm...if I think of more stuff, I will get back to you! There is a list of things to do like finishing pet portraits, this book