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Food Doodle: Lindt Chocolate Bugs and Bees

I drew this last Friday!  I actually went out with the Melbourne Urban Sketchers but I didn't feel like drawing any buildings. To be honest, I haven't felt the Urban Sketching vibe in a while..perhaps it will just come back when I least expect it! Today was just me working and playing with the cat.  Squeezing some chores and baking along the way!

Food Doodle: Honey Cheese Sponge

Hi!  My not so quick brekky last Friday.  The problem with drawing food is that you want to buy something appealing that won't get cold.  I was so hungry by the time I finished the drawing though!  Done with prismacolor pencils. Also...this weekend has been rather distracting since we now have this little guy in our lives! Our super adorable kitty.  His name is Dorian and he mews a lot, likes human contact and is very playful and super adorable! Productivity levels have decreased because of this little man!

Face Doodle: Yasmin

This is a drawing I did a few nights ago.  I haven't done a face doodle in a while and it was fun getting back into it again! What's been up?  Not much.  Working...picked up a big job yesterday and am pleased about that and working on my animation gig too.  After I write this, I will be heading to the kitchen to make a start on dinner.  We're having kimchee stew/soup tonight using the leftover roast pork from last nights dinner.  Fingers crossed that there are no disasters!

Art Diary: Humble Rays

Hi!  I had breakfast here at Humble Rays earlier this month!  I tried their Salmon dish and Green grow juice and it was very nice indeed!  I would definitely recommend this place.  Great food and lovely service. I picked up more work today, submitted to another job and arranging a few things that will be happening this week.  My re-potting of succulents hasn't happened yet and I am working on a new drawing tonight. Currently waiting for feedback and wishing Autumn and colder temperatures to come soon.  I really dislike the heat.

Art Diary: Jumping Spider

Hi!  How is it going for everyone?  Another older drawing in my art diary sketchbook.  A bit of fun. Today was all about work and I'm about to help Rob do some house stuff.  I'll probably do some drawings tonight.  I started one already but haven't finished yet.  It will be nice to have a drawing day or two soon...even if it's just to do some practice.

Art Diary: Schleich Ostrich

Ostrich I have in my Schleich collection!  I really need to draw more of  these.  So many other things to draw though. Today was really all just and more work.  I will draw to relax tonight and I am going to try a new recipe for fish and chips.  Japanese style.  Yesterday I did a parmesan cauliflower bake and lemon butter pan fried fish.  It was good!  I tend to cook during My Kitchen rules so perhaps it is part inspiration?  I also stewed some apples that were going bad with cinnamon and sugar.  Saved! Anyway, not much else to report.  I haven't re-potted anything yet, been watching David Attenborough and sorting out a few things that will be happening in the upcoming months.

Art Diary: Glass Bird

A little souvenir I bought at a small town in Tasmania called Sheffield.  It was a super lovely place.  Hand made glass too.  I miss Tasmania and look forward to visiting again in June. Not much to report.  Caught up with friends and family on Friday, chilled out yesterday and did a bit of shopping for a few things today and I will finally be re-potting succulents some time tomorrow!  Fingers crossed. Just drawing stuff when I can and need to do quite a bit of work tomorrow!

Art Journal: Schleich Bear

Hallo, hallo!  How goes it? Here's my bear from my Schleich collection.  I have so got to draw more! I bought so many!  I really lack time though.  I've been doing quite a bit of work though I finished a big chunk today!  Rest day tomorrow.  Got to take a break after straight days of work.  ( I worked the weekend). Mmm...not much else to report am afraid! The days are just going by really fast...


Hallo!  I tried combing copics and color pencils with the piece above and I do like how it looks! It's a lot of fun, that's for sure! Not a whole lot to report today.  I am in a better position with one of my current jobs and I am looking forward to chilling out tonight.  Debating whether or not to re-pot some succulents into a much bigger pot before getting dressed for this party tonight...

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 10: Tag

Hi!  How goes it?  The drawing above was all done digitally for Kookyrabbit .  A bit rushed but fun. Hmm..not much to report except that I had a full day of work yesterday, a birthday party and today was my day off and I bought a new succulent and was given some leaves to propagate from my friend Ev.  It was a lovely day spent with her.  Eating, shopping and drawing. Tomorrow is doing work before heading off to a party and possibly some re-potting of succulents.

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 08: Expectantly Waiting

Another piece for Kookyrabbit !  I wish I had the time to really finesse these pieces but too much other stuff I need to do.  This one was all done digitally. What to report...not much.  I worked all day on my animation gig.  I did a new drawing for Kookyrabbit and washed the dishes.  It is disgustingly hot but luckily I have a an AC in my study.  Mmmm...not much else to say really.  Going to take a break and watch My Kitchen Rules!  I am a bit of a sucker for reality cooking shows.  I find it relaxing. Mmm...not much else to say...just sucking it up with some things and hoping it will all be over the heat.  I hate the heat.

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 06: Throw Pillow Bonanza

Hallo!  The above pic was a digital piece for Kookyrabbit . A bit of fun. Not quite sure where it was going but you know! Not a whole lot to report...I did a lot of work for today for two different jobs and both had favourable results.  I have a lot more work to do tomorrow and Thursday and then days off for Friday and Saturday and back to work again on Sunday.  My scheduling is a little weird.  I like taking Fridays off cos that's when shops are open late and people want to go out for dinner and have fun. I am about to start one of my craft projects: I bought a hideously painted teacup plant pot from Bunnings and I want to repaint it before putting in my succulents.  We bought more plant stands today so am going to find a good place outdoors to position it so my succulents get quite a bit of sun but not too much that they fry and and a lot of my succulent cuttings are doing really well!  I'm having fun.  Never really saw myself as a gardening type so succulents that don

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 04: Walrus Travels

Hallo!  Drew this a while back now, it's traditionally drawn and inked then colored in Photoshop.  Done for Kookyrabbit . Not much to report today. It was just work, chores and finishing off some drawings.  I am probably off to do more chores now and maybe more drawing tonight. Mmm....yeah, a tad dull today.  I want to buy more succulents and re-pot them. I also just want to spend some time on self-improvement art-wise and fitness-wise for a month or so.

Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 02: The Adventure Begins

Hi!  How goes it?  This is a traditionally inked drawing that I colored up in Photoshop for kookyrabbit I feel like I dropped the ball a bit for the games since I have a lot of work posted up that I don't particularly like or aren't good enough, in my opinion or are unfinished/rough.  I might need to do personal project where I just re-do illustrations I've done and show something that am actually proud of. I do like the illustration above though.  It was quick but fun and I like the result. What's been happening....caught up with some animation folks on Friday, did some shopping for the house and for succulents and work.  It may be a weekend but there is always work that needs doing. I am thinking that I would like to do my own thing for a month or so.  Still thinking about the timing of stuff of course but the urge to just create my own stuff (and take my time doing so) and practice and read and do tutorials and become a better artist overall is what I reall

Kookyrabbit: Game 49 Round 07: The Dance

Hallo!  How goes it?  A busy day with house chores and work today!  The day just flew by though trying to get everything done. I want to draw something fun for tonight though! The question is....what?