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Urban Sketching: Naked for Satan

Hi!  This is a drawing of the bar at Naked for Satan !  Had a sketch meet here last week.  It's been a super long time since I last did any Urban Sketching.  I am glad to be feeling the urge once again though!  There is so much to draw everywhere and anywhere.  I unfortunately lost the urge for Mermay.  A pity, I was doing so well too.  Oh well. I celebrated my mom's birthday, parents anniversary and a friend's surprise party this weekend past, did a lot of shopping too (parents bought me stuff for my birthday) and spent most of today chilling out.  This week is looking to be busy, once again and I ave to write some work emails times as a contractor/freelancer

Mermay 18-20

 Hi!  More mermaids!  I don't really have a lot to say today not much has been happening!  Back at the studio animating, was a bit of a hard day today but the hard bits are done so I just have to power through tomorrow.  A freelance job has been delayed so am taking this time to try and get ahead on chores and my full-time job.  Mmm....that's all for now!  I want to do a bit more work before the night ends!  Some animation fixes.  Wheeeee!  I better level up with animation after this project....

Mermay 14-17

Hi!  A big day of shopping today which was a lot of fun...though a lot of money spent though!  I just bought a few things in Daiso to organize things around the house and more food for the "pushkin". Not so productive for work today but I do have all week to be productive, I guess. No other news really.  I might be doing other freelance work after hours this week, we shall see and looking forward to a few upcoming social events!

Mermay 10-13

Hallo!  A somewhat busy day with animating footage today.  Should be all sorted some time tomorrow, I think.  I was a bit slow today, I woke up with a nasty headache this morning.  Perhaps it was my sleeping posture? News: am probably going to start a new illustration gig, after hours from Monday, lots of parties and shindigs next week and hoping to extend my animation footage credit.  I have been feeling a bit flat though.  Hopefully that changes soon!  Perhaps some shopping will perk me up? The two mermaids on top did well on social media, the selfie one not so much (I wonder why?) and the green one did okay.  Am never sure how things work.  I am now off to do a mermaid for tonight!  Perhaps I will do more work later too.  Maybe.

Mermay 08-09

Hallo! How is everything going? Today I more or less finished a really hard shot!  More or less means I probably need to add in the finer details like blinks and any additions I can see. The Koi mermaids here were very popular on social media and I actually want to do a big piece with a lot of them.  We shall see how that goes!  I do love drawing up detailed pieces! Not much else to report, using my slow cooker for the first time today.  It won't be ready (dinner) for a few hours yet.  Looking forward to it!

Mermay 05-07

Hi! How goes it?  Not much news since Sunday.  I am currently animating from home and it has been good, though I do miss social interaction and immediate feedback fro me shots.  Not that it matters much at the moment since the shot am working on has been rather difficult.  I won't be finished until tomorrow, most likely.  It is nice to take a break whenever I like though and still remain productive. I am still behind my mermaids!  I was going to get on top of that today but after finishing another section of this shot, I opted to take a bit of a rest because of a headache.  I am debating whether or not I should animate more tonight.  Perhaps some of the more simple actions...after some mermaids! The hugging clownfish mermaid above and the pajama cardinal mermaid at the bottom, were pretty popular on social media...I like my bookworm mermaid though.  I am hoping to make some of these into shirts on Redbubble.  Would need a bit of editing and additions on Photoshop though s

Mermay 01-04

Hi!  This daily blog is becoming more of a weekly blog, sorry about that!  Things are just super busy and after a day of animating in a studio, in front of the computer, am really not that keen to get back in front of a screen. I will try to post more regularly though.  However, just because am not blogging daily, doesn't mean am not drawing daily.  I've been participating on Mermay since the start of this month.  I'll be two days behind if I don't draw something today though!  It was a bit busy, I was working on a rather difficult shot today and though I haven't finished it, all the hard bits are done!  Yay! For some news, my kitty is getting bigger and is still very active and curious,  My parents came to visit and we celebrated an advance Mothers Day dinner and next week is very big for social events.  So many birthdays back to back.  I may also have a packaging design job...more on that if it comes to fruition!  Oh, the computer updated itself and seems

Illustrator Australia: Paper to Pixel exhibition

Hi!  The Paper to Pixel exhibition, hosted by Illustrator Australia , was last Friday.  It was a great exhibition.  Very cool seeing all the other submissions too and rather inspiring as well. There are bunnies hidden in the piece.  I wonder if people spotted them?  Hanzo, our kitty, made it in the piece too! What has been happening?  Well, I am currently in my pajamas, sharing the chair with my kitty and just submitted a freelance job.  Things at work is super busy, my computer has new specs but it's now looking like that I will need to update my cintique as well since it may now be too old for the new system.  Ah well.  It's do-able at the moment but not ideal. Now...time for some food and more mermaid drawings!  I've been participating with drawing a mermaid every month for the month of May for Mermay.  I still have to draw one for today!