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Hobart Sketch Trip: Journal Entries 01

Hi!  I was away for a sketching trip in Hobart, Tasmania.  My companions were Evelyn, Janice and Angela.  The pictures above are my journal entries on the first day!  Mostly food, that I can draw.  We left super early in the morning, had breakfast at Brunetti's at the airport, before our flight.  Once we landed, we headed straight to MONA, an awesome museum.  I found that their current exhibition: Museum of Everything , to be quite inspiring.  I got a few ideas, for my own work, at that place. When we arrived in the city, at our BnB, there was a mom and pop run sweet shop and it was still open when we arrived.  We ended up buying a few sweet things to eat and draw.  Afterwards, we went out to dinner at Fish Frenzy. Lovely place and I discovered mulled ciders.  Yum! Today, am back at work and we're all trying to fine tune shots now and pick up continuity errors.  I wonder if I will get a break in-between productions?  I need to get work done on an e-book job too. 

Urban Sketching: Hardimans in Kensington

Hi!  How is everyone tonight?  I went sketching with the Melbourne Urban Sketchers on Saturday and it was a lot of fun!  The photo below the drawing was taken by Angela Williams, who organized the event.  I used to live around this area and it's a familiar place where many things have stayed the same and which one of my normal haunts have disappeared.  There used to be a really nice bar in this area but it changed into a burger joint.  I wasn't too happy about that and I wish I drew the place when I had the chance since it was super quirky and interesting.  I also wish I tried all their cocktails... I drew the Hardimans and I was informed that the place has been sold and will soon be a Beer Deluxe in the near future. I am glad that I managed to draw it before it became that then.  Like a little piece of history in a drawing.  It was done with fine liners, no pencils and colored with copics. I have been a bit stressed, trying to get everything done at work before m

Urban Sketching: Studley Park Boat House and Abbotsford Convent

 Hi!  It's been a while since I posted, I know.  This one is rather late since I was at this location last Saturday.  It was a lot of fun, walking, sketching and being outdoors in general.  I haven't been able to draw as much lately.  Probably only once a week.  I've been working at nights and on Sundays to get all my work done for the current project am working on.  It's been very tiring but the project is looking really good and it will be something that I will be proud to say that I was a part of.  Now...we just need to finish it and we can then enjoy the rewards (and the freedom) from it. For other news, I am heading to Tasmania soon for a 4 day sketching trip! I am really looking forward to it.  I had to buy some fingerless gloves and wash all my winter apparel so I am warm while sketching!  Fingers crossed that it isn't raining...otherwise, it will all be interior drawings! Okay...not long now till the day...where I can spend some time just drawin

Package Design Study: Knoppers

Hi!  I drew this last week! Package designs are fun.  There is also a time lapse video of this that can be found on my facebook page ! Video Link here !  I like these and they can be bought at ALDI! I have not been able to do much except work at the moment.  This weekend, I had fun Friday night after work with my boyfriend and then some Urban Sketching on Saturday.  My Sunday and Monday (today being a public holiday) was working.  I got a lot done and I should be in a good position tomorrow. I am looking forward to having a break, it's been a while since my last breather.  That said, this project is something I can definitely be proud of when it's all finish!

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Central on Swanston Street

Hi!  I went out with the Melbourne Urban Sketchers last weekend.  A very fun day and the photos above are by Erik Sentell. I've been working on making a new album for all my Urban Sketches and it's taking a while since I have to hand sew plastic to make the divisions.  Hard to explain, I'll need to take photos or a video of what am doing!  A busy week this week with work.

Urban Sketching: Kilmore Library

Hallo!  Drew this on the weekend! I've got the Urban Sketching bug again, wheee!  I would really like to take a month off between jobs just to draw and practice, really.  I am hoping to get my chance soon..or at least to be able to evenly divide my time between work and drawing for fun! Well, a hard week this week, just trying to get stuff done for my main job!  Freelance has been rather on and off, but probably for the best since my main job is rather busy!  It's also nice to have some free time after hours...hard not to burn out,that's for sure!  Still, I better not lapse too much, I still would like to be working once my contract ends!