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Mech Hummingbird: 002

Hallo, hallo!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Quite a few things has been happening but mostly all work still!  I was helping and arranging my boyfriend's birthday party, a lot of work has been happening, am taking a break from the hummingbirds for now and Inktober is coming.  I wonder if I should just do face.  It's very much my go to.  That said...I find that it's not very popular, in comparison to my animals anyway.  I find it to be a bit of a shame.  I wonder why it doesn't appeal to the masses?  Maybe I should try and make it more stylize?  I don't really know. I can't believe that it's almost October.  The year is flying past! Things have been busy.  I would love to spend some time just developing myself though and I wonder if I can ever do that while working.

Shopkins World Vacation

Hi!  This trailer has been up for some time now but I haven't had a chance to write about it.  This was the project I was working on earlier this year, I was part of the production team as an animator and designer in this production. The screen cap is one of the shots I animated.  A lot of fun.  Please click on the picture or this LINK for the full trailer.  Shopkins is a Moose Toy product and this film was animated at Studio Moshi .   It was a lot of fun to work on but like all productions, had its trials.  It was a very good team to work with and I made more new friends and that is always a good thing. If there is something that I can claim is all mine, it would be all the shading and highlights on the hair and accessories of the Shoppies (human girl characters). I am currently at Studio Moshi working on another project.  Not too sure if am allowed to say much about it just yet but it's another animated film and I might possibly be moved on to a TV series at some poin