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Australian King Parrots

Hi!  This was my last complete drawing for 2019, the Australian King Parrots!  I did it for a copic challenge for December. King Parrots are beautiful. Things have been good!  I've been painting wooden pins for a possible side business than am doing with some friends though,working with other people is a bit of a challenge, cos not everyone works at the same pace. I'm starting to get frustrated with the slowness. I just finished a freelance gig and my clients were pretty happy, so I may be getting more work.  Yay!  Got to keep working to save for a big break at the end of the year!

On the Cartoon Network Monster Beach sizzle reel!

monster-beach-sizzle-reel Hi!  Hi!  So a few days ago I found out that I was on the Cartoon Network Monster Beach sizzle reel !  Pretty good.  It is a fun project to work on, though like anything, it has issues but nevertheless, it's been rewarding thus far. The questions for the interview were fun and the camera folks were all very nice.  It was a lovely experience.  I wish they put in the fun stuff I was saying rather than when I was all serious!  On this day, my lymph node actually swelled up and I was on antibiotics.  I was sick for a few weeks prior to filming and still wasn't a hundred percent on the day.  I'm surprised they got any footage of me where I wasn't coughing. They interviewed almost everyone in  the studio too but myself and another where the ones on the reel.  I think it's because of my colourful clothes...I mean, like a friend said on facebook, my colour palette is on point! Another pic with my role!

Drawing Butterflies

How has the first few days of 2020 been for you guys?  I've been trying to be as productive as possible, working on freelance and my own illustrations.  It's back to work at the Studio tomorrow though.  I feel like the 2 week break just flew by and that I didn't really have a break.  A lot of that has to do with Christmas stuff and commitments though.  I really wish requested to take another week off but I need money to live, unfortunately! Anyway, this is me with my current work in progress with Hanzo looking murderous in the background.  I wonder if he hates my butterflies?

Happy New Year 2020!!!!

Hi Everyone!  I know, it's been a really long time since my last post.  2019 was quite hectic and crazy.  I finished a major project earlier this year, was a designer for a short period on Dragamonz , now showing on youtube and then I got put on another project called Monster Beach , some episodes are available on STAN, where I am an Assistant Animation Director.  I was also on TV earlier this year, my sister got married and I had to do a speech, my partner and I went to Japan again and I've been freelancing on top of full-time work.  I've also been illustrating my own stuff on the side. This year, I would like to focus on artistic growth, fitness and really ramping up my side business of Redbubble and creating hand made pins and illustration commissions as well as ramping up my social media game.  I've signed up to a few online classes, trying to watch everything I've subscribed too and bought a social media calendar today.  I do hope to be in a better posi