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Huevember 2020, Skull Studies and life

  Hi, hi!!!  Well, things have been busy as always, am still going with my skull studies, not long now before I make it till the end of the month.  This would be the first art challenge I would have completed in a long, long while!  All drawn using my Proko skull as the model.  It really makes a difference having a reference in front of you. Hanzo tends to keep me company while I work too and I've been spicing up the skulls with the Schleich animal figures I own . One of my friends, Adele K . even bought one of the skulls from this series! Oh my gosh, I am so glad to be able to see friends and family again!  I've been catching up with people and shopping, buying books and art materials and a lot of food.  I've eaten waaaay too much on my last weekend trip to the city.  Like a lot.  That said, I have managed to go to the gym (which is more of a studio and I was the only one there with my personal trainer Justin Foo . Really happy to have some sense of normalcy right now. 

Huevember 2020 Art Challenge: Day 01-07 of Skull Studies

Hallo all!   How is everyone feeling?  Things have been tense with the USA elections and Covid.  There's some hope tomorrow, here in Victoria Australia...about easing more restrictions.  I am so looking forward to it. Anyhoo, what's been happening?  Well, I am currently doing the Huevember Art Challenge.  7 days in so far, I think that's the most I've done in an art challenge for aaaaages! So the theme I am using is this, since I have so many copic markers.  I think am missing just one marker here: And I am doing skull studies as my theme!  I got a skull from Proko...2 skulls actually and it's been awesome.  Here are posts 1-7 and some behind the scenes shots! It's been great being able to draw the skulls from life.  I would love to have a life size anatomically correct skull and even better, an entire skeleton.  That would just be amazing and super helpful when drawing.   I am still freelancing on a job while trying to do personal projects.  I have so many pers