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Wonderful Wings: pattern job

  Hi, hi! I don't think I actually wrote about this but I did some patterns for a fabric company.  A small collection called Wonderful Wings, do check it out ! I am actually making a new collection for them, more on that once everything is approved! This week went nuts.  I had a new collection approved, picked up illustration work and got contracted to work on a commercial later this month.  Pretty awesome but am not super busy!  I managed to paint a few cats this weekend but not as much as I was planning.  I went to a party last night and came back around 11:30pm and kept working till about 2:30 am.  Definitely feeling the pressure.  It's good but unexpected! Not a bad way to end February I think!

Skull Patterns

  Hi, hi!  Well things got busy again as per usual!  This was one of the projects I was working on, on top of Fuzzy Pudgies and before I ended up doing more freelance work.  I did manage to get my Skull Eyeball in the Galaxy up on my Redbubble shop which was good but I hasn't finished the mushroom one yet.  There's just never enough time in the day to get all the projects done and have time for myself.  Today, I was working from home so I mainly did freelance illustration work, prepped a few cats for Fuzzy Pudgies and house chores.  It's surprising how much time that all takes. It's 8:50 pm now and I really want to paint a cat and get it done before bed time tonight. I swear that's there's never enough time in the day.  That said, I just submitted one of my jobs 10 minutes ago and the client has already approved it.  So I guess am not the only one that works all hours of the day.... Chat again soo, been doing a lot for Fuzzy Pudgies and there more talk to be d

Fuzzy Pudgies: Chinese New Year 2021 and Valentines Day 2021collection and life update

  Hallo! Happy Valentines Day for today for all of you who celebrate it!  Hope it was good.  Unfortunately in Victoria, Australia, we are currently in lockdown.  It was a snap decision on Friday, only 7 hours notice, so a lot of plans have most certainly been disrupted.  Speaking of last Friday, it was the Lunar New Year on Feb 12 so Happy Chinese New Year to all those that celebrate that as well!  Hopefully, if you're in Victoria, you were able to celebrate before the lockdown started. I spent this week painting for Fuzzy Pudgies , the CNY and Valentine themed one as well as delivering 2 commissioned jobs and finishing off all current commissions.  This week, am concentrating on my own projects, if nothing comes up.  I am hoping to create another pattern for Rabbit Town (just finished one today and is now on my Redbubble shop ) .  I also started a new pattern that has butterflies.  I also need to get onto some bird drawings soon!  I have a lot of plans, let's see if it gets

Fuzzy Pudgies Commission: Myra and life stuff.

  Hallo, hallo!  I am a little late with writing.  I was hoping to post up once a week but it looks like am going to have to post twice this week, if not more.  Things, have always, gotten quite busy. This is Myra, she's a commissioned piece and actually started the ball rolling in painting more realistic cat brooches/magnets.  She's the first and I painted her last month and she's now with her fur parent.  It was good fun, matching colours to cat fur and trying to figure out which bits to detail and which ones to simplify got a bit tricky but all in all, I like how it turned out ( and so did the client, luckily).  It's still pretty cartoony but with realistic elements now.  I love big eyes on animals, what can I say? Here is a photo of the gorgeous girl that the painting was based on.  I prefer to reference more than one photo but this was all the client had. The sketch with the finished glossed pin: And some videos! For other stuff, things have been good.  I picked up