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Birthday in Lockdown

  Birthday drawing, hand drawn and coloured with copics Ah dear.  I had all these awesome plans for the weekend past but alas, Victoria Australia is back into lockdown.  Again.  It is very frustrating and surely there must be a better way rather than locking down the State as soon as the virus makes it's appearance.  We sadly have to live with this for a very, very long time and we can't just keep locking down the minute someone has a sniffle (yes, am downplaying it by a lot.  Anyway, am annoyed to say the least, but I know that for me it is just an inconvenience and I am ranting out of frustration more than anything else.  There are plenty out there that have funerals with limitations, Weddings that had to cancel, operations scheduled, jobs lost and who are in a far worse situation than myself. I turned 41, a few days ago. Since I (and a couple of million people) were in lockdown, there wasn't much else to do but take stock (and draw) of what I've been doing with my li

Fuzzy Pudgies: Yokai Monster Occult Cats and update

  Hi!  It's been a while, since Easter really, since I last wrote.  April was really busy.  I was working a few jobs and painting cats where I had free time.  It was all about yokai/demon cats in April.  I finished the last batch yesterday.  I will be working on a new batch this month, hopefully get some done for Mother's Day and this month is quite eventful with dinners, catch ups, work and birthdays!  I managed to prep a batch this weekend for painting. Chopstick holders are the best for placing paint brushes in use, I think.   I've also been working at a studio part-time.  The project is wrapping up soon, though I may still be called upon, when needed.  Here I am at the studio! A bit grumpy since it's so early in the morning.  Working on a commercial.  It's a proper campaign and am not sure when it will be on TV. Aside from working and painting cats, I've upped my game in collecting Maneki Nekos.  There are certain brands and types that are pricey. They make