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Beechworth Day trip in Regional Victoria

Hi!  So earlier this month, Rob and I went to Beechworth!  Got to say, I would totally recommend this as a lovely stop over.  We arrived early afternoon, around lunch time and stayed one night. We went and had lunch at the Bridge Road Brewery after checking into our hotel.  I had a delicious apple and blue cheese/gorgonzola pizza and I would definitely recommend.  The "Beer that taste like ice cream" was super yum too. We had dinner at the Ox and Hound .  It was delicious, I had a rabbit pasta which was super nice.  Service was great too.  Though, the place can get a bit cold at the back room, dress warmly in winter, i would say. The next morning we had breakfast at the Moments and Memories Tea room.  Oh, I really liked this place.  I think my mom would love it too.  Tea cups and post of the owner's own personal collection and stuff for sale too.  I can recommend the breakfast pancake. After that, we checked out the Beechworth Sweet Co.  It's like walking into Willy W

Some roughs for a current job and update

  Aaaaaah!  Thank goodness we've been set free in Regional Victoria.  More or less.  There are some advantages moving to the country.  Metro Melbourne is still unfortunately in lockdown which is a major shame, I can't see my family or my friends.  Hopefully I can see them in a few weeks.  If it wasn't for Rob and Hanzo, the country and working from home would be very lonely. This week has been busy working on a new commercial, the illustrations for work above and another book illustration job over the last few days and today.  Gosh, so dull.  I work, I train with Justin and do some house chores and hang out with my boys pretty much on a daily basis.  I draw both for fun and for work.  Even now am thinking of colouring in one of my old pieces after a day of animating and illustrating.  I feel like I should do something about that.  Anyway, am going to relax now, have some dinner and do the dishes!  Maybe read some comics to relax tonight too.

Wonderful Wings: Galahs and daily diary

  Hallo, hallo!  Another busy day.  The image above was one of my designs for Wonderful Wings  . This is part of the image before I turned it into a pattern.   I do love Australian birds.  I do love all birds actually.  Anyway this was hand drawn, scanned into Adobe Photoshop and coloured and edited in there.  Buying this on a dress, shirt and other products can be bought on my Redbubble Shop. I am thinking of making more bird patterns once I get a chance!  I've been really busy. Today, I trained in the morning, then was working on a book job and at lunch time I was in a zoom meeting for another commercial job, which worked on till I got a rough done, then I finished off the book job I was working on, afterwards it was cooking dinner and then spending the rest of the night playing movies in the background while working on another illustration job.  It was a busy day and tomorrow will be another busy day.  Most likely working on the new commercial job I got today and the current ill