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touch base

Hi! Time flies by really quickly! The coming week is my last week at Ettamogah. It's been awesome fun! I'm currently working on Renmotion stuff, hoping to get it all done before Feb 15! Am looking forward to visiting all the animation studios I've worked at as soon as I have some free time! Does anyone owe the Gorillaz book? If you dont and you like art you should buy it! It's fantastic and very inspiring! I just wanted to do my own illustrations after reading it. The Gorillaz DVDs are great too! Not much to say at the moment! Hope everyone is well!

Good news all around!

Hello dear ones! Hope you are all well! Good news all around! First, my aunt approved of all illustrations last week so that was pretty awesome! She'll be posting my posters and there's a possibility that the current Mayor of Manila may see it! Next, the animation team am working with at Ettamogah are ahead of schedule! Almost unheard of in the animation industry, especially ones with such short turn- arounds ! But we are and we're all very happy about it. It would be great if the pilot was a success. There's a huge possibility it will be, but one never knows what will appeal to the general public . I've also finished all my Melbourne Uni illustrations ahead of schedule! Most have been approved already as well. Just got to wait and see what they think of the batch I sent last night and today. Now I can start on Renmotion work again this week! The deadline is on the 15 th of February and I should be able to complete two animations by then. I was considerin

Progress report

Hey All, Well, the St. Hide animation has been fully approved! Woo hoo!!!!!!! The illustrations above are still waiting for approval from my aunt. I had to revise a few things for the "Parking ticket rules" poster. She said that the character looked too sinister. I suspect because I made him red in the original, so I changed him a bit. I've also worked on Renmotion stuff today as well as Melbourne Uni and it's back to work at Ettamogah tomorrow! Yes, I am juggling a lot of things but having a ball doing it. Yes, I am still accepting work!


Hello folks! Well, spent my first week working at Ettamogah . The people are loads of fun and I've already worked with one of the animators (Justin Foo) at Mickey Duck when I worked on my first animation series (" Faireez ") in an animation production house. There is a lot of work involved. An intro sequence and a five minute episode is expected to be done by the end of January. I hope we get it done. There is only four of us working on it and we have to do everything from scratch. Am a little worried but each of us at the studio can only do our best. I've been watching an animation series which Thomas gave me for Christmas. It's called " Azumanga - Daioh and it's very cool! I find it very funny. Some of the characters are a little annoying but that's normally to be expected in an anime . There's normally a character that just annoys everyone in the animation including the viewers. Anyway, I finished all 26 episodes on Friday and Satu

So Begins 2007

Hello All, Hope everyone had a fantastic New Year! Behold my first personal illustration for the year! I had a very good time last night and I begin at Ettamogah tomorrow. Fun thing about freelancing is that I get to work with many companies and with each company I have to work with always feel like I am starting the first day of school....again. I wish everyone a fun, productive and fantastic 2007!