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Happy New Year everyone!!!!

WIP: bunnies and birds

Transport Box

Work in progress illustration

Christmas shots

I bought frames...lots of frames...

Bird Study: Blue Honeycreeper (liwi bird)

Last of the berry fish sold....

Bird Study: Liwi Bird (Red Honeyeater)

Animal Study: Cat (Oscar)

Animal Study: Puggle (baby echidna)

Merry Christmas!!!

Animal Study: Rabbit 03

Animal Study: Pug

Illustration Job: History Book Published!!!!

Animal Study: Fennec Fox 01

Illustration Job: Book Cover "The Mail"

Animal Study: Chipmunk

Cat girl sketch

Bird Study 02: Black and white bird

Illustration Job: WIP "The Mail" (Book Cover)

Rabbit Study 02: Blue Bunny

Rabbit Study 01

Design Job: logo



Illustration Job: book cover work in progress

Animation Job: WIP for conference animation

Design Job: logo concept work....

Pirate Fruit

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