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Goodbye 2012, thank you!

Lucky Cat with Bunny

Brain Fish

Babushka Bunnies

Blue Smoker

Overindulged Holiday Bunny

Daruma Doll

Ice Cream

Face 02 ( no pencils )

Pop Art girl

Raspberry Fish: SOLD

Happy Holidays everyone!

Face 01

Christmas Pinup

Chooky Bunny

Satisfied Cat

Unfortunate Santa

Cardio Day

Tickle Fights

All about the shoulders

Pink Boxing Bunny

Strath Creek Falls

Backpack design for a job

3D render of project

Friday Drinks


Bird Nest Hair

Still sick.....

Sick, sick,sick.....

WIP screenshot 02: about boiling line animation

concept art for a current gig

For the Love of Art works

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