Pop Art girl

Working at the Studio, used copics and Mepxy pens

Original with a bit of tweaking with the levels in Photoshop

Final Image
Howdy!  I don't normally show my progress but I had some pretty nice shots.  This was something I drew in the studio a few days ago.  It was fun just to sit down and doodle...I don't get a lot of chances like that though I am making the effort to draw more nowadays, even if they are just quick sketches.

Mmm....I haven't had confirmations/contracts of certain jobs go through yet so I am a little worried...that said, I have been hankering for some time to do my own drawings, comics and projects so perhaps I should stop worrying?  Who knows.  It may just be that I spent a lot over the Christmas season.....but hey, Christmas comes once a year right and it is for enjoying!


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