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3D texturing: Candy Tree

dukes: props

Concept Art for a Christmas thing 02

Concept Art for a Christmas thing

job design: crab

3D Texturing: Bunny Houses

3D Model Build: Bunny Houses

3D Model Build: Gumball Tree

Some props I made for the Dukes

Cat Design for an old gig

3D Model Build: Custard Tree

3D Model Build: Jellybean tree

3D Model Build: Doughnut Tree

Concept Art 08: basic layout

Concept Art07: Carnivorous Bunnies

Concept Art06: House Props

Concept Art 05: Candy flowers and foliage

Melbourne Marathon: 10km run

Concept Art 04: Candy Props

Concept Art 03: Bunny Houses

Concept Art02: Tree designs

Concept Art 01_Environment Design

Dukes of Broxstonia Character re-dress example

Coaster Show!!!!

Still image from Dogstar Season02

Coaster 04

Coaster 03 for Coaster Show

Coaster 02 for Coaster Show

Previous e-card gig

Old job ( corporate animation work)

Another old job (math game)

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