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A gig am currently working on....

Lighting Assessment Submitted

3D lighting assessment (WIP 03)

3D lighting Assessment WIP (02)

3D lighting assessment (WIP)

Ivy (old job)

Charlie (another old job)

Christmas e-card from last year

Squishface Moebius Fishie

Lighting Practice in 3D

3D lighting passes

Global Illumination tute

Medieval Illustration gig am working on...

Sam the Ant

Moebius Exhibtion piece complete

Lighting exercise in 3D


Cotton E-card

Kill Moom

Where: film project I worked on

3D image still


Corporate Still

The Brett Braddock Adventure

3D Character Animation Assessment

From a pose exercise

Planet Right (a project in 2010)

WIP piece for Moebius

First Coaster...for another exhibition

3D Animation: Jump

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