3D Character Animation Assessment

The Animated Video
A rendered still
Howdy!  So here is my animation for the character animation assessment due tomorrow  This was started yesterday afternoon and finished today.  I've done the bulk of the assessment but I have a few more things that need to be compiled and completed by end of day tomorrow.  Hurrah!  I was so freaked out last night on whether or not I was going to get this finished that I spent a few hours working on it at home.
 My lighting is getting better though I am still winging it half the time and still doing a lot of trial and error to get the lights right. 
I am finding animating in 3D a lot of fun, though trying to keep things from sliding too much and making sure the character always has weight is a bit tricky and making sure to key in the right body part gets a little tricky too.  Still am feeling good having gotten most of the work done.


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