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My name is Marta Tesoro and  I am a Freelance animator and illustrator based in Victoria, Australia and I have been working in the industry since December 2002.  I've done animations and designs for children's TV, web, commercials, and phone apps. I have done corporate, educational and government related animations and designs as well. I have skills both traditionally and digitally and I love what I do.

From July 2022 there will be new blog posts on Mondays and Thursdays, perhaps the occassional Saturday as well.  All art work  and photos are copyrighted, please don't use without permission.

I can be emailed on marta.tesoro@rabbittownanimator.com.  I also have a facebook page, Twitter (@rabbittownart) and Instagram ( @rabbittownart )

Please feel free to drop me a line for any inquiries and commissions!


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