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Book Illustration: Burma page

dog Study: Indy

52 Week Illustration Challenge. Week 11: Green

Cat Study: Sonny

Dog Study

Art Boy exhibition: DC vs MARVEL

Fashion Study Menswear (Saibu no Akuma) 02

A drawing day off....more or less.

52 Week Illustration Challenge Week 10: Night

Quick fashion sketch

quick portrait

Urban Sketching: Fitzroy GardensCook's Cootage

Otter Love

52 Week Illustration Challenge Week 09: Texture

Close up of Artboy exhibition piece: DC vs Marvel

An exhibition piece...more later

Book Illustration: Burma page

Unused concept art and Saibu no Akuma exhibition (Blurring the Lines of Bespoke)

Fashion Study: Menswear (Saibu no Akuma)

Cat Study: Smoo

Saibu no Akuma Exhibition: Blurring the lines of Bespoke

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