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Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Dragon!

  Year of the Dragon  Happy Lunar New Year!  We're welcoming the Year of the Dragon! I am hoping for good fortune for myself and my loved ones this year!  Wishing all you readers a prosperous year too. This year it is a Wood Dragon and lucky colours were emerald green and brown so I incorporated that into my work. There's also 7 gold scales painted in since 7 is a lucky number this year. This illustration took a while but worth it I think. I so enjoy detailing the scales, I find it relaxing. I coloured this up with copic markers and a variety of gel pens So it's been almost 2 weeks already since I last wrote.  Things got busy as per usual.  I've had another proposal submission and had to make the drawings from scratch and I've been working at a studio full-time for 2 weeks now.  4 more to go.  It has been tiring going from animation work and back to illustrating after hours. It's especially hard when I am coming  back from the studio.  I go in twice a week. I ha

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