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Commission job: Brown bunny and flowers


Week 14: Simple

Urban Sketching: Northcote Town Hall

Urban Sketching: Studley Park Boat House

Week 01: Eggs

Week 17: Horse

Farm App design: Mick the Pickup Truck

WIP 01: coffee table cover

Week 08: cross-hatching

A recipient of my give-away!

Bunny Give Away: Dancing Bunny

Randomondayness: Monsters gone cute

Farm App Design: Sally Sprayer

Supanova 2014 day 02

Supanova Day 01 2014

Farm App Design: Seb

Exhibition: ART-Town 2014

Farm App Design: Teeny Tractor

Farm App Design: Harriet the Harvester

Urban Sketching: Intercontinental Hotel

Venus Rising

All hanged!

Gift Package for sharing!

Venus Rising 03 Exhibition: pieces

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