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Fishbone Helmet

Bird Study: Crimson Chat

Blue winged Kookaburra and new lady (work in progress)

Blue winged Kookaburra (work in progress)

Squishface Second Anniversary

Squishface Studio Second aniversary baking: Popcorn Brownies

Design Job: Materialist Acid (Logo)

Bird Study: Pink Robin

Diamond Finch Beauty: work in progress.

Be A Man: animating on one of the episodes thus far...

Commission piece done: Splendid Fairy Wrens.

New Year, new look and space...

Bird Study: Little Kingfisher

New piece...Work in progress

Bird Study: Spotted Pardalote

Bird Study: Double Barred or Owl finches

Bird Study: Gouldian Finches

More work in progress with the Eatsre Rosella piece.

Eastern Rosellas (work in progress title)

Red Winged Fairy Wrens

Bird Study: Silvereye

Picking colours....

Bird Study: Superb Fairy-wren

Bird Study: Zebra Finch

Images done over the holidays

WIP: Pink Coral


A New Year and some new prints and originals go up for sale!

First post of the year

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