Diamond Finch Beauty: work in progress.

Jan 21, I started working on this piece after work
Still a work in progress but this is where I am at
Hi!  Here's a detail shot of the new piece I started working on last night.  I think it's going rather well.  A mix media piece.  This will also go on the exhibition once we get the dates from the cafe.  either way, am going to exhibit somewhere and it's nice to have brand new pieces.  Been really enjoying drawing women's faces and birds.  I used to draw women's faces all the time when I was about 14.  I stopped when I got into anime for a good few years.  I did a few pieces when I was about 19 and stopped when I got into Uni.  Not too sure why I stopped though.  Anyway, I am once again drawing beauty shots of ladies but this time...with birds!


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