work in progress at 3 AM

Finished product and now for sale

Hi!  Look, first fully completed piece for 2014 and the original is now for sale at the Pepper Cafe along with a few new works.  I actually drew this ages ago but didn't get to colouring it until last night and I was colouring till 3am cos I couldn't sleep.  I am also going to be watermarking my works if it's full finished from now on, especially if I am selling it elsewhere.  My friends have had a few drawings stolen lately so I figured it was best to play safe though am not too pleased with how it looks.  I may just choose certain images over others.

Got to start gearing up to work on exhibition pieces for next month.  If the pieces are bigger than A3, I will be selling originals.  I also have a bunch of smaller originals that will be on sale too....


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