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For the Love of Art Exhibition tomorrow at Sketch N Tulip!

Berry Fishies dropped off

Work in Progress screen shot

Screen Capture of previous gig

WIP screenshot

Steampunk fish from fish zine

A blast from the past: an episode from "Cabbies"

Egg timer

Monkey Punch Dinosaur

Dukes of Broxstonia plane prop

character design for a job

For the Love of Art (Exhibition)

Sketch & Tulip...still displaying

3D World: submitted

3D World: wire frame shots

3D World: rendering part 04

3D WORLD: rendering part 03

3D World: RENDERING part 02


3D World: smoothened render!

3D World: camera tests

3D World: Lighting it...

3D Candy World is coming together.....

Pudgy handbag

Fire Child 02

Old job: Murdoch

3D World: WIP02

3D World: WIP 01

3D Texturing: mailboxes

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