3D WORLD: rendering part 03

I am knackered.  I had to get up at 12am and 4am this morning to set up new render batches and I have to get up at 3am later to set up the last two render batches.  I may actually get everything rendered by Thursday, in time for deadline which would be awesome.  We shall see though.  Either way, I most certainly have enough footage rendered to pass this assessment....hopefully rendering out the wireframe sequence doesn't take too long.  It's worrying me a bit.  The next time I do a 3D project, I am leaving 2 weeks just to render.  Man.....this has been a wee bit painful.  I mean, am normally stressed but it has shot through the roof over the last few days. 

It will all be better when I submit end of Thursday.  Here's hoping.


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