Sketch & Tulip...still displaying

Howdy, I didn't get to put up a post yesterday.  I was enjoying a very rare computer free Saturday, filled with a sleep in, a Spanish festival and a birthday party to finish off. 

Anyhoo, just wanted to let everyone know that my work is still being displayed and sold at the Sketch and Tulip at North Melbourne.  364 Victoria Street.  Great doffee and food too.  The owner, Huda, is very supportive of artists and she has been very supportive of my work ever since I started displaying there earlier this year.  I sold two recently which is the lantern fish (one hiding behind the plant) and the Goblin Shark cello.  It's been really good.  I will be exhibiting there soon with some previously done but original works this time on November 30, Friday.  Will let you know more shortly!


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