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Urban Sketching: Pepper Cafe

Two more birdies fly away

Urban Sketching: RMIT Building ( corner La Trobe and Swanston Street)

House of Birds: Blue Winged Kookabura

House of Birds: "I like Blue"

A couple of Urban Sketch Photos

Illustration Job: Steampunk Spade and Pail

Illustration Job: Bath tub Designs

Cat-ebook, another page

Urban Sketching: Canterbury (part of Mailing Road and the Maling Room)

Bunny e-book work in progress

Urban Sketch: Old Treasury (unfinished still)

Cat E-book: one of the pages

Youth focus

Video timelapse of me working on a job

Illustration Job: Bunny e-book...a work in progress.

Urban Sketching Parliament Area: Princess Theatre

Illustration Job: detail shot of one of the pages

Bunny giveaway: Rabbit Jump

Illustration Job: "Bunny e-book" work in progress

Just chippin away....

Urban Sketching: Prahran Town Hall (Chapel Street)

Urban Sketching: State Library

Illustration Design: melted candle

House of Birds: Red Robin

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