A couple of Urban Sketch Photos

Photo by Chris Wilmar
Photo by Gary Norrish

Some photos I found with me in it from last weeks Urban Sketching efforts.  I really did enjoy sketching at Mailing Road in Canterbury.  I really want to go there again.  So many cool shops to explore which I didn't get a chance to since I was too busy drawing.  When I get into the drawing zone, I pretty much stay in the drawing zone.

On another note, I really enjoy having blue green hair.  For starters, am really easy to spot in photos and I get complimented on it once a week at least.  It's good fun and it's become a trademark.  I think most of the Urban Sketchers know me by my hair alone.  It's pretty funny.  Am the green/blue haired one that's good with markers.  There are worse things to be known by.  Besides, it's nice to be easily recognized.  I think I will stick to the blue/green hair for a while yet!  My doctor, accountant and parents have been the only ones that don't agree with the hair, so far.....however I like it.  So it stays until am bored....or for as long as I can pull off the look.  Either or.


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