Urban Sketching: State Library

State Library
Before Colouring

Hello!  Despite having a huge workload, I decided to take a bit of time off today by Urban Sketching on my own.  No group today as most of the group are taking the long weekend.  Lucky.  I am doing no such thing.  Too much to do!  I did need to chill though.  Saturday is my day for sketching.  If I can fit it on a Sunday, I do!  I have a lot of areas on my list to draw.  I love being with the group but I do enjoy sketching on my own too.  There is one thing I learned though, drawing earlier in the morning is better than later.  Less people for starters and that helps when am trying to find a good spot to draw.  I was on uneven terrain trying to draw the library.  I actually want another crack at it on a better spot next time.  The sun just happened to be blasting at the very spot I wanted though which makes me think that if I want an optimal view of the library, I need to start drawing around 8-9 am.  Ah well...next time!

Now...to finish inking some illustrations for a job before bed tonight!  I never stop....never....


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