Urban Sketching Parliament Area: Princess Theatre

Princess Theatre

Photo by Kym S...group shot!

Group work!

Colouring with Mepxy

Before the colouring

Everyone, gather around!  Photo by Kym S.
Was so cold today!!!!  Why can't it be sunny when am out sketching??!?  Why?!?!  That said, it was really nice to be outdoors and away from the computer for a good few hours.  It's nice to be able to draw my own thing once in a while.  Anyhow, I've got to draw the Parliament Building next time.  There's just  so many nice places in Melbourne to draw.  If I get a week or two off once my contract is done, am going to spend most of my days sketching all over the city and maybe even venture out into the country like Bendigo (which is suppose to be amazing for old buildings) and I would love to go and spend a few days in Daylesford to draw and explore the area too.  So many things I want to do and not enough time immediately to do it all.

I've been working around the clock lately.  A lot of stuff is due this month and I think it's because of tax time.  I really wish I could clone myself sometimes.


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