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Illustration Book Job: roughs

52 Week Illustration: week 08: Coffee

Still life : Tea

52 Week Illustration Challenge, Week 07: Farm

52 Week Illustration Challenge, Week 06: Magic

Portrait: Ruby

Dog Study: Ducky

Book Illustration process

Year of the Goat

Cat Study: Pun Pun

Work in progress: book 01

cat Study: Spence and Nipster

Bird Study: Blue Bird

Cat Study: Wilhelm

Cat Study: Louis

Cat Study: Hank

52 Week Illustration Challenge, Week 05: Kitchen

Urban Sketching: Kinfolk Cafe

Cat Study: Pipi

Cat Study: "Rupert" profile

Grandmother's 100th birthday (she's on a stamp)

NAB commercial

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Emporium foodcourt

Chocolate Study: Chomp

52 week Illustration Challenge. Week 04: Insect

Rose Studies

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