cat Study: Spence and Nipster

Hi!  This is Spence and Nipster and their mummy is Leisl, a good friend of mine.  I'll be needing to make a print of these boys and have it framed up too.  Drawn on my antique book with markers.  I have had the pleasure of meeting these two kitties and they are very lovely.

Was too busy to draw anything for me today as I have a lot of illustration work to get through.  I feel like am not working fast enough and that always makes me a bit nervous.  I hope to get a ton done tomorrow and sort out the idea of another project.  That would make me very happy.  Perhaps I shall leave the house and brainstorm in a cafe.  Thoughts tend to flow better if it's stimulated by something new.  I really need to do some brainstorming..hopefully for two different projects too.


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