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Seagate's Creative Professional: Talking about the Slim Portable Hardrive

Dukes of Broxstonia...some episodes and stuff!

Male 18

Entertainment Biz Expo

Male 17: Bubblegum

Male 16: The catch

Male 15:Baseball

Male 14

It will catch up...

Male 13 with reference

New Bio Pic

Male 12 and Mepxy Movember entry

Male 11 and entry to Mepxy movember

Illustration Job: some illustrations for a handwriting book

Male 10 and entry to Mepxy Movember Comp

Concept designs:: bacteria

Male 09: Am a little teapot.

Male 08: big nose....

Work in progress for Venus Rising exhibition.

WIP:Venus Rising Exhibition piece

Male 07

Venus Rising WIP pieces.

Male 06: Rob Macfarlane

Male 05

Venus Rising Exhibition.....

Squishface Coaster Show 2013 (male 03 and 04)Sad lady

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